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What is Sage 200 CRM?

Sage 200 CRM delivers customer relationship management tools that integrate with Sage 200 financial management software, to deliver a complete business management solution. Ideal if:

  • You use multiple systems to manage your business
  • Data silos exist making reporting difficult
  • Processes are disjointed and inefficient
  • Customer retention rates are falling
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The Sage 200cloud CRM Connector

In 2016, Sage introduced The Sage 200 CRM Connector to replace the old CRM module, and it is now referred to as Sage 200 Sales, Marketing and Service. The connector integrates more closely with Sage CRM providing real time synchronisation to deliver improved CRM capabilities, while offering independence.

  • Gather and retain customer information for greater customer insight
  • Maximise sales performance and revenue through effective management of the sales pipeline
  • Manage plan, execute, target and measure marketing campaigns and deliver ROI
  • Maintain up to date customer records for efficient service delivery
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention

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New to CRM?

Find out all you need to know about buying and implementing a CRM solution with our ‘CRM Buyers Guide’.

Why Choose Sage 200 CRM?

Real Time Synchronisation

Synchronisation with Sage CRM is now in real time, which means everyone has access to up-to-the-minute information as it is entered.

No Duplicate Entry

Contact information need only be entered into one system, removing the opportunity for error associated with re-keying data in separate systems.

360 Degree Customer View

With all customer data accessible in one place everyone has the same version of the truth, breaking down departmental silos.

Financials in CRM

Sales professionals can view financial information within CRM including credit limits, stock and outstanding invoices enabling better informed decisions.

Anytime Access

Because it is web-based, your CRM data can be accessed via any web browser making it possible to access your CRM data at anytime and from any location.

Automate Processes

Labour intensive administration processes can be automated to increase productivity. For example, create quotes in Financials from within CRM.

Emarketing Capabilities

Sage Emarketing gives you the tools to manage and measure high quality, targeted email marketing campaigns from within CRM.

Analytics Dashboard

Enhance user productivity with role-based dashboards. All the information you need in one place to manage day-to-day activities.

Sage 200cloud – Why Should I Upgrade?

Success Story
Caffe Society
The main advantages? “Probably the way we’ve customised it so we can manage several machines within a company within the ‘asset’ entity,” says Dennis. “We get much better, faster, more extensive reporting out of Sage 200 and that’s been a massive help, too. Before, any kind of reporting was painfully slow, as was searching. Both are pretty much instant now.
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