Ellgia upgrade to Sage 200 to embrace sustainable growth

Published: 21 August 2023

Xperience are excited to announce a new partnership with Ellgia, the renowned award-winning waste management, recycling solutions, and skip hire business. Ellgia’s financial reporting software will upgrade to Sage 200 to reinforce their commitment to sustainable practices. 

Ellgia upgrade to sage 200

A Strong Presence in Waste Management: Ellgia’s Remarkable Growth 

With a turnover of £30 million and a dedicated workforce of 150 employees, Ellgia has built a strong presence in the waste management industry.  They cater to businesses and homeowners across various sectors, including hospitality, construction, and logistics. The company has made significant investments across its sites, moving towards a “Zero waste to landfill” future, bolstering waste processing, and expanding waste fuel production. 

Upgrade to Sage 200 for Enhanced Financial Controls 

To further accelerate their sustainability goals and streamline financial processes, Ellgia has chosen to upgrade its existing Sage 50 system to Sage 200. This transition will empower Ellgia to harness the benefits of enhanced transaction analysis, purchase order approvals, and financial controls. The implementation of Sage 200 into a hosted environment will be conducted in close collaboration with their current IT partner to ensure seamless integration with existing operational systems. This allows for uninterrupted business operations. 

Testimonials from Key Stakeholders 

Simon Fovargue, Sales Specialist at Xperience, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “The additional functionality available from Sage 200 will ensure Ellgia can benefit from the required financial controls, through systems integration and approval processes, and gain better business analysis through the advanced reporting of Sage 200.”

Nana Amonoo, Finance Director of Ellgia, emphasised the significance of upgrading their IT architecture and financial reporting software to support the company’s growth.

“After a comprehensive vetting process, we decided to appoint Xperience to upgrade our Financial Reporting Package. We have found this process of change informative, inclusive, and a perfect strategic fit for our corporate values of focusing on Customers, Colleagues, Community, and Compliance. We would highly recommend Xperience to members of our Value Chain.”


The partnership between Ellgia and Xperience exemplifies a shared commitment to delivering exceptional value to customers. With the implementation of Sage 200, Ellgia is poised to achieve greater financial efficiency, bolstered operational capabilities, and advance its mission of driving positive environmental change. 

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