Sage 200c Software: Why Should I Upgrade?

Published: 6 September 2017

If you are reading this blog, it’s likely you are not on the latest version and you are asking yourself the following questions: ‘What makes Sage 200c different from previous releases?’ and ‘Why should I upgrade?’ If you’re wondering what makes Sage 200c stand out from the crowd, keep reading…

Sage has recently released a major new update of its ever-popular Sage 200 ERP software called Sage 200c. Built on direct customer feedback, the new release focuses on simplifying business processes, customer experience and productivity so you can focus on what matters most – running your business. Sage is also starting to release regular updates, so you don’t have to wait a whole year to benefit from even more new features! But let’s take a deep dive so you can find its benefits for yourself…

Benefits of Sage 200c Software

Access data any time, from anywhere*

Sage 200c combines the power of desktop and the freedom of the cloud. Access anywhere, anytime functionality allows you to access data  when you are away from the office on mobile devices as well as standard PCs, laptops and tablets.

Speed up reconciling

Cut out the tedious task of re-keying bank payments by connecting Sage 200c with your bank account, to download your bank transactions. Watch transactions flow seamlessly into Sage 200c and simply confirm what you want to post or match — giving you an insightful view of the health of your business.

Simplify your invoicing

The new Invoicing module allows you to create invoices and credit notes without the need to produce them via the Sales Order Processing module. Ideal for service-based businesses, who don’t need to keep track of stock and where there is no lead time between the customer placing an order and the invoices being sent out.

Save time with batch entry

Users of Sage 50 have always preferred the fast Purchase Invoice entry method where lines can be quickly entered into a grid, rather than having to complete an entire form per invoice. With Sage 200c you can now quickly enter a pile of purchase invoices, one line at a time, all from a single screen – saving you hours of valuable time to focus on more important tasks.

Make error corrections from a single screen

In Sage 200c you can change key information on a transaction including the date, nominal account and amount and well as foreign currency invoices and credit notes. This will save time when making corrections ensuring the correct entries are made.

Improve your reporting

Track budget for the whole organisation in real time and report on and distribute budgets by cost centre and department. With 20 new analysis codes, you can now store analysis codes on each nominal record for greater depth of analysis.

Manage purchase requisitions with ease

The new Purchase Requisitions function provides an easy way to enter requisitions for either stock or free text items, regardless of whether you know the supplier or stock codes. A new rule means that purchase orders will only be raised if the requisition has been authorised.

Hide customer and supplier accounts

When you no longer trade with a Customer or Supplier, you now have the ability to hide these accounts from the list views. Once hidden, they no longer appear in selection lists and keeps lists smaller and more efficient, ensuring users don’t select the wrong account in error.

*Cloud version only

How much is Sage 200 licence?

Depending on the version, for Sage 200cloud Standard Online prices start from £200 per month, with additional users from £15 per month. Sage 200cloud Professional costs vary from £252.50 per month, with additional users from £47.25 per month.

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