A Line-Up Of Webinars Announced For Sage 200 Customers

Published: 15 January 2018

Xperience Group partner with Sicon to deliver a series of webinars, from January through to June, to help customers add value to their existing Sage 200 software.

Working to drive customer success, Xperience Group is a strategic Sage partner focusing on delivering Sage 200 solutions with quality implementation and high-standard support services. The company is committed to creating a competitive advantage for their customers by offering customised and integrated solutions for their needs. To achieve this, Xperience Group partnered with Sicon, which specialises in developing high quality add-ons that integrate with the Sage Accounting Suite.

In 2017, Xperience Group won the Sicon Partner Award, highlighting the fruitful partnership reflected in the company’s strong technical aptitude and abilities to manage multifaceted software projects. To continue to meet complex customer requirements, in 2018 the Group extends its partnership with Sicon with a series of webinars on high quality & highly functional additions for Sage 200.

Sicon’s Sage 200 add-ons deliver the functionality that can increase efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of any organisation using Sage 200. This combined with in-house development skills, will allow businesses to achieve their objectives and make the most of their investment.

Joanne Bell, Internal Sales Manager at Xperience Group, commented, “Xperience Group have worked alongside Sicon for a number of years and I find that the products they offer, not only fill the ‘gaps’ that Sage do not provide, but also streamline the Sage 200 software into a more dynamic ERP system.”

To enquire about Sicon and Sage 200 add-ons, please email [email protected].

About Sicon

Sicon have been developing software applications for integrations for Sage 200 for over 18 years and are now well established as one of the leading developers in the UK and Ireland.

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