Key Contact(s): Steve Marjoram
"Everything is faster and more controllable with less risk of missing data, duplication or human error. Also, thanks to the bespoke reporting, we can account on a more accurate and timley basis.”

Complex Processes made Simple

By implementing Sage 200, Recresco improved their financial processes, eliminating bottlenecks and performance issues experienced with the previous system they had outgrown. With automated reporting, they are saving time and increasing efficiencies, allowing them to focus on further growth.

Finance Director Steve Marjoram joined Recresco at the end of 2012, he explains, “My role was to come in and take the business forward. By this point, Sage 50 was creaking at the seams. The nature of our business is that we’re constantly moving raw materials in and product out, via weighbridges. We were heavily reliant on spreadsheets and other data that required manual input. As the business had grown we had adapted the system to cope with it, but it created bottlenecks and duplication and increased the risk of human error.”

How we made it work

With the help of Commercial Director Simon Etches, Steve decided that Sage 200 “was going to be the most suitable solution to see Recresco through the next five years. We were impressed by the flexibility of the product. We found Sage 200, and Xperience’s services, to be very cost-effective – In other words, it wasn’t as expensive as some of the competitor packages. Plus there was a high degree of familiarity with a Sage platform which made life easier for everyone.”

Greater Control and Efficiency Gains

“With the help of Xperience’s developers, we’ve been able to tailor the software to manage several very specific and bespoke aspects of our business. The most important aspect is the tracking of material movements. Now, instead of large quantities of paperwork, data gets uploaded straight into Sage 200. Everything is faster and more controllable with less risk of missing data, duplication or human error. Also, thanks to the bespoke reporting, we can account on a more accurate and timely basis for GRNI accruals.”

In summary, “Sage 200 is definitely earning its keep,” Steve says. “The staff is happy with the system and it’s delivering clear business benefits, especially in regards to streamlining our weighbridge procedures. Xperience has been great, always coming up with a solution for just about any issue we have. I had a gut feeling they were the right people. I’d looked around at a few providers but hadn’t obtained particularly brilliant feedback from anyone else, so we decided to go with Xperience and I’m pleased we did!”

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