Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges

Many manufacturing companies struggle to track materials and manage costs effectively which impacts on delivery times and customer satisfaction. Sage 200 Manufacturing is a unique solution designed for businesses like yours, providing the control and analysis you need to facilitate efficiency and cost savings.

Top signs you need to review your existing solution:

  • You estimate your production costs as your costing spreadsheets are not up-to-date
  • You have to go down to the shop floor when a customer needs a delivery update
  • You rely on one member of staff to manage purchasing
  • You cannot gauge the impact on existing orders when a new orders is added
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Manufacturers Guide to ERP

If you are a manufacturer looking for an ERP system, this guide is for you.
Top tips and advice on what to look for when shortlisting a Manufacturing ERP solution.

Why Choose Sage 200 Manufacturing Software?

To maintain competitive advantage you need a solution that enables greater control of your manufacturing process at every stage, facilitating efficiency and cost savings. Sage 200 Manufacturing, a component of the broader Sage 200 Suite, integrates with the core ERP modules to enable better management of the production process.

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Manufacturing Modules

Sage MRP

Manage material requirements for production more easily, with recommendations based on demand and stock projections. Sage MRP analyses your current stock, orders, lead times and minimum quantities so you order in time, preventing delays.

Works Order Processing

Get instant visibility of all job statuses on the shop floor as well as the costs and production stage of each works order. Combine it with shop floor data capture to record actual labour times and analyse any variances.

Bill of Materials

Create and manage a comprehensive Bill of Materials for all manufactured products, including component costs, machine and labour costs, sub-contract costs, tooling, manufacturing instructions and a drawings register.

Is Sage 200 the One?

Check out these resources to make sure Sage 200 is a good fit for your business.

Reasons to Choose Sage Manufacturing Software

Save Money

Reduce operational costs through improved planning.

Optimise Production

Streamline the supply chain for optimised production.

Automate Processes

Improve productivity with automated purchase and works orders.

Deliver on Time

Meet delivery promises through improved visibility and control of the production process.

Track Batches

Record batch and serial numbers to enable detailed tracking and maintenance of quality standard.

Cost Precisely

Ensure precise costing by assigning labour and machine time for each assembly process.

Track Deliveries

Track deliveries accurately with 2 and 3 way goods received note matching

Improve Cash Flow

Manage cash flow effectively by keeping track of stock and deliveries.

Increase Quality

Improve quality control by tracking items through the production process

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