Solve Your Stock Control Challenges

Many Distribution and Warehousing companies face stock control challenges due to transaction volumes, disparate systems and manual processes to plug the gaps. Top signs you should review your existing financial management solution:

  • You can’t easily manage stock across multiple locations and warehouses
  • You sell online but have to manually re-key orders into your current system
  • You manually record batch & serial numbers outside your system
  • You rely on one member of staff to manage purchasing
  • You buy & sell in different stock units but can’t record these on your system
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Why Choose Sage 200 Commercials?

Sage 200 Commercials is a unique solution that enables full traceability of stock across multiple locations to ensure stock availability and customer satisfaction. It integrates with the core Financials module to give you the bigger picture, enabling you to respond quickly to customer enquiries and demands for an enhanced customer experience. What’s more, you can automate document creation for ultimate efficiency including delivery notes, invoices, pick lists and acknowledgements.

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Sage 200 Stock Control and Order Processing

Sales Order Processing (SOP)

Manage the entire sales order process, from raising a quotation or order and ensuring stock availability to dispatching goods and invoicing.

Purchase Order Processing

Manage the entire Purchase Order Process from creating a purchase order to checking goods received against orders and supplier invoices.

Stock Control

Sage 200 Stock Control allows you to manage stock across multiple locations and warehouses to ensure full accountability.

Is Sage 200 the One?

Check out these resources to make sure Sage 200 is a good fit for your business.

Reasons to Choose Sage 200 Commercials

Integrates with ecommerce sites automatically populating your order list.

Raise quotations for your customers and convert these directly to sales orders.

Use barcode scanners to record stock movements.

Manage stock across multiple warehouses or locations.

Record stock batch and serial numbers at both purchase receipt and sales despatch.

Integrate with CRM to manage sales and customer care activities.

Sage 200cloud – Why Should I Upgrade?

Success Story
The company has seen huge improvements across the board. “We’re able to support our sales activity and our delivery / despatch / fulfilment activity much more efficiently. And even though we’ve grown considerably, things are so efficient that we haven’t needed to take on extra staff ‐ so we’ve seen savings there as well. At a customer level, Xperience have definitely helped us achieve the kind of service we need to be delivering.
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