Sage 200 Warehouse and Distribution

Transform your stock control and automate manual processes to drive process efficiency.

Sage 200 Warehouse and Distribution

Transform your stock control and automate manual processes to drive process efficiency.

Solve Your Stock Control Challenges

If you hold inventory, resell products or manufacture goods, Sage 200cloud is for you. Fully integrated with order processing and the financial modules, it will give you the full picture, enabling you to respond quickly to customer enquiries and changes in demand.  With Sage 200 Warehouse and Distribution ERP you can:

  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouse locations
  • Process all inventory movements using barcode terminals
  • Track item batch or serial numbers for full product traceability
  • Respond to customer demand in real-time

Key Functions

Having an accurate picture of inventory, both in the warehouse and when away from the office, is one of the biggest challenges distributors face. If, like many companies, you’re reliant on manual inventory systems or are unable to confirm current availability during customer interactions, With Sage 200 you can differentiate yourself from the pack.

  • Access data on mobile devices
  • Check inventory, take customer orders and approve purchases on the go

How many units shipped last month? What’s your most popular item? Who’s your most profitable customer? If you’re still using separate systems such as spreadsheets, pulling this information is time-consuming and error-prone. Sage 200 gives you:

  • The ability to predict sales based on previous trends
  • Dynamic purchase order suggestions – buy the right product at the right time
  • Instant access to current inventory levels

1 in 3 customers will leave after just one bad experience. Consequently, when it comes to managing inventory, getting your levels wrong can have disastrous effects on your business. Lost sales, too much cash tied up in excess inventory, and damaged customer relationships – you do the maths. With Sage 200cloud you can: 

  • Get a complete view of your inventory, review independent locations and bins or inventory as a whole 
  • Monitor inventory movements and traceability with serial and batch numbers 
  • Report on what matters to you with up-to-the-minute dashboard reports 

Digital transformation is reshaping supply chains, changing business models. This coupled with the increasing customer demands for high levels of efficiency and speed is forcing distributors to take a new approach to inventory and logistics, as well as the advanced application of data and insight. Download our guide and see how technology can:

  • Provide real-time view of warehouse stock, and insight into purchasing and logistics
  • Streamline processes and centralise back-office functions
  • Allow new service offerings and help in understanding profitability


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See how Sage 200cloud can help you gear up for growth. This brochure will help you begin to understand which edition, standard or professional, and modules are right for your business.

Is Sage 200 Commercials Right for You?

The Sage 200 Commercials module, is an essential tool if you are in warehousing and distribution. Manage your supply chain with ease, from quotes and orders to returns and stock control. Ideal if:

  • You can’t easily manage stock across multiple locations and warehouses
  • You sell online but have to manually re-key orders into your current system
  • You manually record batch and serial numbers outside your system
  • You rely on one member of staff to manage purchasing
  • You buy and sell in different stock units but can’t record these on your system

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Sage 200 Client Testimonials

“With the integration we were able to eliminate the double-entry of customer information, which helped us clean up our data and make it reliable. We have already identified that 8% of our active customers were not entered on our old CRM, so were never marketed to. Altogether we reduced the time-consuming administration processes, saving around 40% time for every new record we setup.”

Tim Holyomes


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For Auger Torque, having a global collaborative team is hugely reducing the R&D time, getting the right product to market faster and stopping us wasting time. With the new optimised process the’re keeping momentum and getting the buy-in from everybody, ensuring all teams have insight into the design, replacing the linear process we had before. “

Alistair Brydon

Auger Torque,

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“From raising an order to dispatching goods, we have total control over stock, ensuring availability and customer satisfaction. It’s so easy – stock in, stock out – everything gets registered through Sage, helping us be more responsive and competitive.”

Jaskaran Rai


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