What is Dynamics 365 Sales?

Dynamic 365 Sales allows you to go beyond traditional sales force automation to better understand your customer's needs. This platform allows you to engage more effectively, and win more deals.

Get ready to sell faster and smarter with embedded insights, nurture relationships, boost your productivity and accelerate sales performance. Use AI capabilities to track customer relationships and automate sales execution with contextual prompts that drive sales strategy.

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales

Historically, we needed to spend 4 hours per day to process  sales data across all our company sites.

Since our Data Integration project and implementing Dynamics 365 and Power BI, this process now only takes us 30 minutes!

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Features of Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Prioritise your Sales Pipeline

Get instant access to customer data, allowing you to focus on the right customers with AI scoring models, data visualisations and more! Forecast revenue and monitor progress towards objectives using predictions and graphics.

  • Take your Customer Insights to the next level

With Copilot you can generate summaries of customer details, emails, meetings and relationship history, giving you real time insights into your customers. On top of this, you’ve got the ability to generate customer-specific email drafts, email summaries, and opportunity summaries with the addition of  Copilot for Sales.

  • Seamless Integration across multiple platforms

Easily integrate with all other Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) applications, including Outlook and Teams. You’ll also have the ability to easily integrate with other apps and and adds on including LinkedIn, making relationship building and cross-platform communication with your prospects/clients simpler and easier.

  • Elevate your reporting with Dynamics 365 Sales & Power BI

Aided by Power BI, Dynamics 365 gives you access to real-time analytics. This allows you to easily view key performance metrics and identify patterns, revealing logical next steps for your business, all on one dashboard.

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Microsoft Copilot for Sales

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides the tools to deliver a personalised and proactive service to improve customer retention.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights you can turn prospects into profitable customers by creating personal experiences across each channel.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service allows you to empower your field service staff, improve your customer service and more!