Exploring Microsoft Sales Copilot’s Impact on CRM

Published: 30 October 2023

We’ve already introduced you to Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft’s new AI powered assistant for Office 365 apps and services. In this article we’re diving into one of those apps, Viva Sales, and how it works with Dynamics CRM. Viva Sales, renamed Microsoft Sales Copilot, is the perfect ally for sales professionals, freeing them from the time-consuming task of manual data entry in CRM. This in turn allows them more face to face time with clients.

Microsoft Sales Copilot brings read-write capabilities directly into your CRM tool within Microsoft Outlook and Teams, connecting your conversations with customers and leads. It also boasts conversational intelligence features. You’ll no longer need to take notes during online meetings because it does it for you and logs it in CRM.

Microsoft Sales Copilot can also increase collaboration and communication; it facilitates effortless sharing of contact cards and helps you identify colleagues who’ve had significant interactions with your customers. This empowers you to build internal connections and gain valuable insights.

Benefits of using Microsoft Sales Copilot with CRM

  • Eliminating Manual Data Entry

Sales teams often find themselves spending valuable time on admin like manual data entry into CRM systems. Microsoft Sales Copilot, powered by AI, is specifically designed to eliminate this task. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ensuring that data entered into one system, like teams, is shared with the other when needed. This feature saves valuable time for sales professionals, especially those in the field, who can now focus on meeting clients and building relationships.

  • Comprehensive Sales Progress Tracking

In addition to removing the need for manual data entry, Microsoft Sales Copilot offers a feature known as “conversation intelligence.” This allows you to automatically record and transcribe your Teams meetings, creating a comprehensive record of interactions with clients. This information is automatically input into the CRM system. This not only saves time but also helps your sales team track progress more effectively and refer back to these records to understand client needs and preferences.

  •  Real-time Insights and Decision-Making

Microsoft Sales Copilot goes beyond data entry and tracking by providing real-time insights. AI-powered analytics identify opportunities and generate customer opportunity summaries. This information equips sales professionals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions during client interactions. Whether it’s identifying potential upsell opportunities or addressing customer pain points, these real-time insights enhance the quality of sales meetings.

  •  Auto-generated Email Summaries

Another valuable feature is its ability to generate digestible summaries of email threads. This is particularly useful for sales professionals who need to catch up quickly on emails and save important information to the CRM. It ensures that no important details are missed, and that the CRM remains up-to-date with the latest communication.

  • Key Features of Microsoft Sales Copilot

Aside from the above benefits there are a few important features you should be aware of:

AI-generated lead summaries to stay on top of leads.

Auto-generated opportunity summaries, providing status, progress, and highlights.

Meeting preparation with a summary view of account information, recent notes, issues or concerns, customer news, and more.

Real-time tips and suggested answers during Teams meetings prompted by customer mentions.

  • Beyond Sales

Microsoft Sales Copilot’s capabilities extend beyond sales. It empowers marketing teams by analysing customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics to offer intelligent recommendations for marketing campaigns. This ensures optimal campaign execution, increased conversion rates, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

In the realm of customer service, Microsoft Sales Copilot revolutionises support by offering real-time guidance and suggested responses based on customer enquiries and previous interactions. This AI-powered assistance aids customer service agents in resolving issues quickly, reducing response times, and maintaining consistent quality.


Microsoft Sales Copilot integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, like Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and the Power Platform. This integration promotes collaboration, data sharing, and streamlined workflows across different teams, providing one experience across sales, marketing, and customer service. Microsoft Sales Copilot eliminates the need for disparate systems, improving your customer engagement. In summary, this tool empowers sales, marketing, and service teams with AI-powered capabilities, boosting sales effectiveness, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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