Manufacturing Modules

With its easy setup and ready-to-use features, you can start optimising scheduling, utilisation and business processes immediately.

Sage 50 Manufacturing is split into four areas, Bill of Material (BOM), Batch Controller, Job Controller and Manufacturing Controller. Together, these four components enable you to run your manufacturing operations with maximum efficiency and profitability.

Sage 50 Manufacturing Benefits

  • Integrate information from the different areas of your business for increased efficiency
  • Spot potential issues before they happen and take action to reduce business impact
  • Continually keep track of your business finances
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Manufacturers Guide to ERP

If you are a manufacturer looking for an ERP system, this guide is for you.
Top tips and advice on what to look for when shortlisting a Manufacturing ERP solution.

Reasons to Choose Sage 50 Manufacturing?


Manage unlimited components, materials, labour and machine costs to enable you to be entirely flexible in meeting your requirements for different jobs and customers.

Avoid Shortages

The product information utility allows you to store alternative suppliers and lead times against each stock item to help ensure you are never left without materials.

Save Time

Use the copy and paste function to reduce the time taken to create estimates. For similar jobs simply copy all items, including operational expenses, from a works order.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Track all products from receipt through production processes to dispatch enabling you to provide excellent customer service.

Streamline Operations

Sage 50 Manufacturing integrates seamlessly with Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional for enhanced productivity.

Compare Actuals with Estimates

Review actual costs against estimated costs with ease, all actuals which exceed estimates are displayed in red.

ISO9000 Compliance

Sage 50 Manufacturing satisfies ISO9000 demands for better control by providing batch tractability for every component.

Success Story
Train Door Solutions
“We have been using Sage 50 since 2006 and we can’t imagine life without it. Up until then our finances were all about spreadsheets and piles of paper, making us prone to errors and reducing productivity. We needed an automated solution that would make us more efficient, reduce human error and enhance the services we deliver to our customers. We have been happy since!.”
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