Sage Withdraws Support for Sage 50 2015

Published: 25 April 2017

On 1st March 2017 Sage began withdrawing support for Sage 50 2015. To avoid security and compatibility risks from running software beyond recommended operational life, it is recommended businesses make upgrade plans.

In accordance with the software lifestyle policy, Sage has started to withdraw support and security updates for Sage 50 Accounts. With no patches and bug fixes, the product is compromised, making businesses vulnerable to viruses and security threats. It is important to note firewall and anti-virus software will not be sufficient to protect against security vulnerabilities, which hackers are quick to exploit.

While the software will continue to work, users may find the software is no longer compatible with other applications, such as the latest Office products and web browsers. This could impact day-to-day operations and affect employees’ performance and productivity.

Businesses who have an active support contract will remain supported by Sage until it reaches its conclusion. From June 2018 it won’t be possible to obtain a new support contract with Sage. Business Partners, such as DMC Software, will continue to provide support for its customers, however, without software updates issued by Sage any new bugs and defects identified may be unresolved.

To mitigate risks, businesses are advised to consider upgrading to the latest version. Sage 50c is a subscription product which means regular upgrades and updates are included in the price, allowing businesses to always stay up to date and avoid end of life issues in the future – more details can be found here.

Once the support has been fully withdrawn, in June 2018, Sage will also withdraw any upgrade pricing options. Customers are advised to make upgrade plans as soon as possible to benefit from upgrade offers available.

Find out more about Sage 50c here.

*Sage 50c Standard and Professional Only

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