Sage announces Cim50 as recommended manufacturing software for Sage 50cloud Accounts

Published: 1 October 2020

Cim50 manufacturing solution is now the recommended manufacturing software package for Sage 50cloud Accounts. The news comes after Sage announces Sage 50 Manufacturing becomes obsolete from 1st October 2020.

Sage is retiring Sage 50 Manufacturing, with all support and services ending on 30th September 2021. Although the software will continue to work beyond 30th September 2021, Sage will stop releasing any updates, meaning integration to new versions of Sage 50 Accounts could render the software unusable and any new bugs and software defects would remain unresolved. Customers will be able to purchase additional users only up until 1st December 2020.

Xperience will continue to support customers with an active support plan, however without security patches and updates, users may be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and will be required to suspend any future upgrades of their Sage 50 Accounts software.

Cim50 is a revolutionary new manufacturing solution that is seamlessly integrated with Sage 50cloud Accounts which will help you on your digital transformation journey. Expanding on Sage 50 Manufacturing functionality, CIM50 includes over 100 additional features including quotation management, advanced planning tools and shop floor data capture for the real-time capture if actual production times and processing of stock movements through the scanning of barcodes.

Upcoming features include carbon footprint calculations with the tool allowing offsetting the carbon footprint of the items purchased from your company in local carbon offset projects in the UK and Europe. Cim50 is a future-proofed solution with a strong roadmap and an agreement to provide compatibility with future updates of Sage 50 Accounts

Xperience is delighted to partner with CIM Services to provide customer and prospects with this advanced manufacturing solution, helping clients on their digital transformation journey. Backed by significant investment to ensure it meets client needs now and in the future, we believe Cim50 is an essential tool for manufacturing businesses to accompany Sage 50cloud Accounts solution.

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