Should I Upgrade to Sage 50c Accounts?

Published: 2 February 2017

So, the new Sage 50c has just been released and you are probably asking yourself, ‘what does this mean for me?’, ‘should I upgrade to Sage 50c?’. When considering an upgrade it is important to know all the facts to make an informed decision. In this post we answer the question, is Sage 50c worth the investment?

Is Sage 50 cloud based?

Sage has recently released a new offering of its ever popular Sage 50 Accounts software called “Sage 50c” – a hybrid desktop/cloud accounting solution that, whilst still being hosted locally, allows you to work anytime and anywhere with real-time access to your financial information. In comparison with a traditional Sage 50 Accounts solution, Sage 50c is sold through an annual subscription plan with predictable costs, support, maintenance and new updates included in the price. This makes the latest functionality more accessible to businesses of all sizes and is understandably increasing the rate of adoption.

Benefits of Sage 50c Accounting Software for your business

Do business anywhere

With Sage 50c, powered by Office 365, the data you need is only a click away. This enables you to monitor and report on accurate information, no matter where you are and on any device. What’s more you can store your business documents in a secure cloud environment, including the photos of receipts or invoices. Your business is protected at all times with secure and automatic cloud backups.

Take care of your cash flow

Sage 50c is payable on subscription, so instead of a a large upfront financial commitment you pay for it in regular, manageable payments which helps you to manage your cash flow more easily.  The subscription includes access to the software and support, as well as a plethora of online materials to ensure smooth operation. It will also entitle you to automatically receive new product updates as they’re released to maximise your productivity and your subscription value!

Make faster, better decisions

Build powerful and in-depth Excel reports with a simple drag and drop designer or use one of the ready-to-use smart templates, to monitor business health, grow and seize the opportunities ahead  — with confidence that the information is live and up to date. It’s online so you can access and analyse your information anytime, anywhere.

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