New Sage 50 v21 Launches Today, with Cloud and Mobile Capabilities

Published: 1 September 2014

Following four years of research and development, Sage have launched the most significant Sage 50 Accounts release in ten years – Sage 50 v21!

Launched today, Sage 50 v21 (also known as Sage 50 2015) is “irresistibly sensible”, increasing productivity and efficiency while offering additional flexibility to support businesses experiencing growth. Reflecting customer feedback, new business trends and changing technology, the New Sage 50 addresses three core themes, scalability, usability and collaboration.

Through the three themes, Sage have developed this release to be quicker, giving users the ability to complete tasks in 1-2 clicks. They have also created a system that is incredibly flexible, which you read more about here.

John Hinckley, Accounting Product Manager at Xperience Group comments, “As an IT solutions provider we have seen a clear shift in customer behaviour. In the early days, particularly where financial data was concerned, businesses felt data was best housed on-premise where it could be looked after internally. As people become more educated on the benefits cloud computing can offer, there has been an increase in demand and Sage have reacted to this with the introduction of cloud capabilities in the new release.”

New introductions include two inventive mobile applications, catering for business managers and the sales function. The Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales app gives sales staff the ability to process orders remotely, whilst the Sage 50 Accounts Tracker gives users meaningful business insights on the go. According to research conducted by Sage, ‘…89% of employees use a mobile for work…’, which has clearly shaped the direction of the product development, which now features two mobile apps instead of one.

Building on the accessibility of Sage 50, the new release enables accounts data to be stored and accessed via the cloud, via Sage Drive. The extended accessibility gives users increased flexibility, allowing employees to work while on the road or at home, as if they were in the office.

For many Sage 50 users, the most notable change is the scalability of the new release. Both the number of users and transactions it’s able to handle has increased. It is now able to cope with 20 simultaneous users and 1.5 million transactions without compromising the performance of the software. This change means small businesses that are growing can scale up easily without the need to move to a different solution.

For more information on the products available email [email protected]

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