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The value of Project Managers when implementing a new system

28 June 2022

When companies start to develop something new, there are always questions about the value and importance of a Project Manager.

ERP and CRM Systems: Should I integrate them?

9 June 2022

ERP and CRM Systems work best together, read our short blog to find out why.

4 steps to changing business systems successfully

12 May 2022

It can be daunting changing your business systems, explore our 4 steps to ensuring a successful system change.

ERP systems vs. CRM systems – What is the difference?

6 May 2022

Discover the key differences in ERP vs. CRM systems and how each can benefit your business.

Dispelling the myths around the cost of CRM 

7 October 2021


Why is it important to make CRM the central hub for your cus...

28 September 2021


5 Signs your CRM is stopping your growth

28 September 2021


CRM Software – What does the future look like for CRM ...

14 June 2021


ERP and CRM digital implementation projects – what is ...

3 June 2021

These days, there is a multitude of reasons to create huge digital implementation projects. To be honest, each and every single argument to add to your project....


“With the integration we were able to eliminate the double-entry of customer information, which helped us clean up our data and make it reliable. We have...

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The most overlooked cost item in the ERP/CRM software select...

15 December 2020

During the ERP/CRM software selection process, the various costs and possible benefits are analysed in considerable detail and then assessed for each vendor....

APR Telecoms

"The information available is brilliant. It allowed us to understand the volume and type of support calls better than we did historically! With better...

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