How do I correct a mistake in Sage 50?

Published: 18 June 2024

Knowing how to correct mistakes in Sage 50 Accounts can save you time. This guide takes you through how to edit, delete, reverse or unallocate a transaction.

NOTE: Sage 50 Accounts v26.2 and above – When you apply a search that only returns one result, you can disable the Delete or Edit option. Instead of using a search or filter, use the Find option.

How to edit a transaction in Sage 50 Accounts

  • Click Transactions, then select the transaction you want to amend and click Edit.
  • Edit the transaction details as required.
  • To edit the item line details, in Item Line Details select the item to edit then click Edit.
  • To edit a payment allocation reference, in Payment Allocations, select the required item and click Edit, then amend the Payment Ref and click Close.
  • Click Close then click Save then click Yes

How to delete a transaction

  • Click Transactions then select the transaction you want to delete and click Delete.
  • Click Delete then click Yes.


  • If the transaction is VAT reconciled a message appears ‘Do you wish to reverse this transaction?’ select Yes.
  • If the transaction is bank reconciled, a message appears advising of this, select Yes. When you re-enter the transaction, you must also bank reconcile the new transaction again.
  • Depending on the status of the transaction, it is either deleted or reversed.

What if I can’t edit or delete a transaction?

On some transactions, there are restrictions, which can be why you’re unable to edit a transaction, for example, automatic transactions, older journal entries, VAT reconciled transactions, foreign currency transactions etc.

Instead, you must post a manual correction to reverse the transaction and, if required, repost them correctly.

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