Xperience Group Extends Cloud Service Portfolio

Published: 11 April 2013

Cloud Computing has rapidly increased in popularity over the last 2 years. With the Cloud industry estimated to generate a staggering £5.79 billion this year alone (Ibis World), continues to validate the benefits Cloud Computing could provide for a business.

This month, Xperience Group has added to the extensive portfolio of Cloud Services offered. Mike Ramsay, Managing Director, commented on the new services, stating “Xperience has invested in Cloud Computing for some time now. We have now increased this investment in order to deliver full cloud computing options to our customers. Prior to now, we enhanced our business software offering by extending this to the Cloud with the provision of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Following the success of this we have developed a full range of Cloud Services, offering everything from Cloud Backups, through to Virtual Desktops all the way up to entire Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS).”

“Cloud Computing is increasing in popularity due to the scalability and resilience benefits offered. Xperience are confident Cloud Computing will continue to provide a stable solution for businesses moving forward and this is reflected in our Cloud Investment.”

Cloud Computing is the process of moving traditional on-premise IT solutions, such as software, desktop PCs and even whole servers, to virtualised environments, accessible via a secure internet connection. Cloud computing can alleviate the need to maintain expensive in-house IT networks, whilst allowing businesses to embraces the latest technology for maximum security.

Xperience Group continually develop and improve the technology offered to help its customers achieve a strong competitive advantage. Xperience Group’s new Cloud Services now include Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Online Backups. The wide range of cloud solutions now on offer, means Xperience can support customers through a variety of means, at every stage of their growth and development.

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