What is 'The Cloud'?

Cloud computing describes the delivery of IT as an on-demand service. Cloud Solutions give you access to compute resource and applications via the Internet with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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Our Cloud Capabilities

The possibilities are endless… what do you want to do? We deliver fully managed Cloud Solutions designed to match your requirements and budget, helping achieve your business objectives.

Our Datacentres

Cloud Solutions Vs. 'Traditional IT'

Cloud SolutionsOn Premise IT
The cloud offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model.Traditional 'tin' requires and upfront investment.
You can scale up and down resource as your business demands, paying only for what you use.You need to predict future requirements to ensure your hardware will meet your future needs.
Work from anywhere, anytime, from any device while connected to the internet.You can only access your systems when you are in the office.
Benefit from the latest updates as they happen, with all upgrades included in the price.You are responsible for maintaining your systems and applying any updates required.
Your data protected by world class security measures and protocols.Your data is protected by the internal measures your business can afford.

New to Cloud?

Unsure about having you business software hosted in the cloud? Download our Cloud Guide to see the Cloud is for you.

Cloud from Xperience Group - Proud to be Different

Tailored Cloud Solutions

One-size does not fit all. We take the time to understand your needs and design a cloud solution to fit you. Our Cloud. Your way.

Our Own Platform

The people that design and deploy your cloud solutions are the people that manage and support it. We do not white label.

Hosted in the UK

We have two UK Data Centres located in London and Belfast. So you can be assured your data is in the UK and is subject to UK law.

Transparent Billing

You’re in control, you only pay for what you use. And, with no transit costs or usage fees, your bills are easy to predict.

Peace of Mind

No internal IT resource? No problem! We will take care of everything for you, so you can give your core business 100% focus.

ISO Accredited

The Cloud Simplified, our own cloud platform, is ISO 27001; 2013 accredited, so you can be assured our security management system meets international standards.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our hosted platforms are managed and monitored 24 hours a day,, seven days a week and 365 days a year by a UK team.

We Take Security Seriously

Cloud is Better

When you take your business to the cloud, you benefit from a wealth of security features, unmatched by that of any on premise solutions. With Cloud you get the best of both worlds.

Physical Security

Our data centres have robust physical, biometric and electronic safety protocols in place. With restricted access and 24/7 grounds surveillance, rest assured your data is in safe hands.

Digital Security

Digital security measures that come with our Cloud Solutions include firewalls, vulnerability scanning, encryption, network intrusion detection and prevention and much more.

For the ‘Techies’

If you require more technical information about our Cloud Platform, check out the following:

Ratio Vending
“Our sales proposals procedure is much more efficient, too. Having everything centralised on the Cloud makes it easier for me to go in, locate and check proposals that someone else has put together.
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