Copilot’s impact on Business Central 

Published: 3 November 2023

In the third of our series on Microsoft Copilot we’re looking at the impact of Copilot in Business Central. We’ve already introduced you to what Microsoft Copilot is and Microsoft Sales Copilot and the benefits of using them. In this blog we’ll detail the benefits of using Copilot with Business Central (BC).  

Copilot in Business Central is far more than a typical AI; offering features that make full use of AI and natural language processing. Copilot totally changes day-to-day operations by making tasks easier, boosting productivity, and giving practical insights.  

What are the benefits of Copilot in Business Central?  

  • Accelerate eCommerce Rollout 

Copilot uses AI to unlock the full creativity of Business Central. If you have an online store Copilot can streamline the creation of product listings. You can simply upload a picture of the item and Copilot can suggest a description and category. Attributes like colour, material and size can be used to help create the product description. Copilot can also draft marketing text using this information. 

  • Automation 

Just like with Sales Copilot, using Copilot in Business Central allows you to automate everyday tasks and reports increasing efficiencies within your business. Copilot’s generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) can automate text creation (as above), email replies, and document generation. It can also be trained to identify patterns and handle data entry automatically. It can extract pertinent details from documents or images, populating your Business Central system, leading to time savings and fewer errors. 

  • Optimise the supply chain 

Using external factors like weather or financial changes that could affect your supply chain, Copilot can create predictive reports on potential disruptions. It helps you spot affected orders, materials, and carriers. By leveraging these insights, your supply chain team can use Copilot to send alert emails to partners, preventing or getting ahead of problems before they occur. Copilot can take insights and turn them into actions, making sure your supply chain runs smoothly and reliably. 

  • Project management made simple 

In June, Microsoft unleashed Copilot’s dynamic capabilities in Dynamics 365 Project Operations, revolutionising project planning. It drastically speeds up project planning, enabling detailed project plans within minutes, a process that used to take hours. Copilot simplifies project status reporting and identifies project risks in real-time, meaning teams can take timely action for successful outcomes in Business Central. 


Using Copilot with Business Central revolutionises day-to-day operations by simplifying tasks, enhancing productivity, and providing actionable insights. Key benefits include speeding up eCommerce rollout through efficient product listing creation, automation of tasks and reports, optimisation of the supply chain by predicting and mitigating disruptions and simplifying project management with dynamic planning and real-time risk identification. Learn how integrating Copilot with Business Central can unlock a realm of efficiencies and advantages for your business. 

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