Launched earlier this year, Copilot is Microsoft’s latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance feature for Office 365 applications and services. With the recent success of other AI products, such as ChatGPT , it’s no surprise Microsoft are turning their attention to AI services they can offer. Latest figures show that Chat GTP reached 100 Million monthly active users just two months after launch.  Copilot can be used for a variety of tasks such as creating documents, reading emails and crafting presentations. One summary we have seen online describes it as an old generation “Clippy” assistant dressed up with next generation AI, this simply but nicely sets out what to expect from Copilot.  Built into all Microsoft 365 apps users can utilise functionality such as creating a first draft piece of work based on a prompt within Word and summarising emails before you look at them. With Microsoft set to continue to invest in developing their AI offerings, we decided to pull together some of the benefits Copilot could bring to your business right now. 

Benefits of Microsoft Copilot

  • Reduced IT costs

Copilot works alongside you, very much like an IT Virtual Assistant. This tool can help your business avoid costly mistakes and downtime. You can save considerable expense with Copilot as it is able to carry out some of the daily tasks an IT employee would usually do. For example, a simple prompt to the AI is enough for it to start summarising the meeting you just had, or making a start on a presentation based on your meeting notes. This reduced workload saves you money and resources. It’s worth noting Copilot cannot fully replace IT services, but can help manage workloads more efficiently. Reduced IT costs mean you can use that saved money to help grow other areas of your business. 

  • Improved productivity

The process of writing a first draft whether that be a blog, report, case study, etc, can take hours. What with sourcing, writing and editing all being key areas of copywriting. This leads to a more efficient workforce and a better service for your customers. Copilot specifically helps productivity by being able to automate repetitive tasks. This reduction in your employee’s workload means they have more time to focus on other areas of their job. 

  • Expert advice on demand

Copilot provides expert advice on demand. This creates a more efficient workplace for your business. This is especially helpful for businesses that are not experienced in IT and Microsoft products. Copilot allows you to go from an initial idea to a functioning app in little to no time at all. 

  • Enhanced creativity

Copilot can help strengthen creativity by providing innovative ideas and perspectives. The AI can provide distinctive styles and tones of writing for example helping an employee find the right tone of voice for their communications, as well as suggesting the best ways to present data etc saving time when putting together presentations. This helps to strengthen brand image; an invaluable asset to any company.  

  • Strengthens collaboration

    Copilot helps your team work more effectively by providing real-time collaboration during meetings. The software seamlessly integrates into existing development workflows (a system that software teams use to manage production) accelerating their progress. This allows you to catch up on missed conversations and suggests follow-ups based on previous discussions. One way it achieves this is through making notes and summarising key points of conversation you have missed. Tiny time saving features like this can all add up, allowing the user to prioritise other tasks. This provides windows of opportunity for other areas of the business to be the sole focus for the user.  


The launch of Microsoft Copilot is a significant leap forward in the development of AI powered solutions within Microsoft applications. We have already seen the impact of AI products such as Chat GTP on organisations; 50% of a 1,000 strong survey are making use of the tool. It stands to reason that the adoption of Microsoft Copilot will follow the same trend. Pricing for this service has been announced by Microsoft as £24 Per User Per month. Xperience are excited to be offering this product as part of our Managed IT service, with the product looking to become established in the next two to three years. 

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