Act v21 Release To Feature Significant Sales & Marketing Enhancements

Dubbed the ultimate small business tool, Act v21, the latest release from Swiftpage, includes dynamic sales pipeline management and powerful Marketing Automation, allowing businesses to optimise lead nurturing and increase sales funnel conversion.

Act v21 takes marketing to new heights, introducing marketing automation* to fuel everything from lead generation and content marketing to email automation. Integrated into Act, users can create automated workflows based on lead scores for effective lead routing and nurturing, matching content with customers’ interests to drive conversions.

With comprehensive campaign management, users can set up and manage both simple ad-hoc emails and complex drip campaigns, all sent to targeted lists, leading recipients down a highly  personalised path. With real-time insights, sales can prioritise follow-ups to close deals faster.

The new sales pipeline management tool featuring KPIs and an interactive sales funnel allows sales representatives to focus on the most lucrative deals. For managers, the tool provides insights on opportunity close rate, closed-won value, open deals, and more, allowing to forecast how many leads should be closed to hit the target.

Marcell Varga, CRM Consultant at Xperience Group commented, “Swiftpage has upped its game in this release introducing significant sales and marketing enhancements to help businesses increase customer retention and conversions. Act v21 does not only help small businesses embrace digital transformation, but also compete with the big guys using sophisticated sales and marketing tools.”

Act CRM continues to evolve focusing on making the product easier, better and faster to help customers improve their productivity and ensure return on investment. A customer favourite, Act Customer Tables** has also been enhanced to allow users to create advanced dashboards using the unique business or industry data directly inside Act. Additionally, there is an option to automatically attach inbound Outlook emails to Act history as well as privacy and security updates, including GDPR compliance enablement.

*Additional subscription required

**Available with Act Premium Plus only