Designed for small and mid-sized businesses, Act CRM (formerly Sage Act) is a contact, sales and marketing platform to help you attract new business and turn leads into sales.


Designed for small and mid-sized businesses, Act CRM (formerly Sage Act) is a contact, sales and marketing platform to help you attract new business and turn leads into sales.

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Your CRM And Marketing Automation Platform

The new Act CRM provides all the tools to help you successfully manage your operation, from customer data management to sales and marketing activities. You can send impactful emails without a big budget or marketing expertise and with a comprehensive view of all interactions personalise conversations turning prospects into sales.

What's included?

Full-featured Act CRM is now available as a on-premise licence starting from £28.00 + vat per user per month. With Act you can:

  • Record customer details, emails, documents and notes and easily manage your calendar and activities
  • Monitor your sales pipeline for better forecasting
  • Enhance customer service with real time access to customer history
  • Monitor performance and run reports at the click of a button

Act Marketing Automation can be added as an add-on to help you optimise your marketing efforts, maximise engagement and drive business growth.


Act Marketing Automation, now known as Act Growth Suite, is available as a cloud deployment and includes Act CRM functionality as standard. The platform is designed to help you automate marketing campaigns and sales activities to increase revenue and maximise efficiency. With Act Growth Suite you can:

  • Manage lead nurture marketing campaigns
  • Create personalised emails with data segmentation capabilities
  • Easily design mobile-friendly email campaigns
  • Effectively manage lead capture and scoring to analyse prospect readiness
  • Automate workflows between sales and marketing to prioritise follow-ups


Why choose Act Growth Suite from Xperience?

… because we are experienced. We’ve been implementing the Act Software since 2001 so we know what we’re doing. Our Act consultants are incredibly talented, experienced and accredited, helping you:

  • Fuel business growth optimising how you manage your sales and marketing activities
  • Take the most out of Act Growth Suite with a range of training services led by accredited and best in class trainers
  • Make the software work for you to reflect your processes and environment

Act CRM Brochure Download

Act is the world’s best-selling Marketing Automation and CRM platform, designed to improve customer service, marketing and sales deliverables. In this brochure, you will find information on new Marketing Automation to fuel lead generation, content marketing and email automation, dynamic sales pipeline management and more.

See how we helped businesses to drive efficiency with Act

“The biggest benefit of Xperience Support for me personally is that it’s freed me to get on with the running of the business. I used to be tied up with all manner of time-consuming IT tasks. Now, I simply ring the guys at Xperience and say: ‘I need this doing, can you do it?’ And I know I can just forget about it, it’s no longer my problem.”

Iain Caville

Measurement Solutions

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“Act is good for our clients. It’s good for the company. It’s good for regulatory responsibilities. It does the job for financial services. As for Xperience their turnaround times are very impressive. If we’ve got a problem, they always respond to us quickly”.

Cheryl Vince

Rathmore Financial

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“Act is proving invaluable when it comes to organising our customer details in one place. It’s so malleable – we had it customised to include the date of client appointment, the reference and the agency, the expert involved, the location they’re seeing them, the appointment date & time, and the fees for the expert and for us. We can instantly see everything in one place.”

Stefan Bullman

Rapid Response Reporting

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