How Can Act Custom Tables Help Overcome Data Silos?

Published: 26 November 2018

Do you record insurance policy details, product catalogues, mortgage information, or project management dates outside your Act CRM?  Have you ever missed a deal because of the inability to connect the data together?

Far too many companies run on information islands caused by different departments and locations using their own software and processes for recording critical business data. Dubbed the bogeymen of businesses, silos kill productivity and halt growth. Here, we explore the issue and share how Act CRM can help you manage your data effectively…

What are silos in business?

A silo is an isolated point, usually outside the core system, where data is kept and segregated from other parts of the infrastructure. This fragmentation means that it’s not possible to run analysis across the entire business and gain a true understanding of its performance.

One example of an information silo would be insurance policy data held in spreadsheets outside your CRM. This information could consist of renewal dates and claim details. Because of the lack of integration with Act, and the need to manually manage data, you may be missing out on renewal dates.

How can Act CRM help overcome silos?

To overcome silos, it’s important to integrate your disparate systems and spreadsheets with your CRM software to streamline your business processes and access greater insight. This is now a reality – Swiftpage have introduced Act Custom Tables, allowing you bring complex data sets, unique business processes and specialised industry practices into Act.

The possibilities are limitless. You can track cases, contracts, property details, software licences or vehicles and hardware information within your software. Plus, you get the benefits of CRM to action on the data—create activities and to-dos as well as send follow-up emails. This will allow you to chase up on policy end dates, contact customers regarding contract renewal dates, review upcoming warranty expirations and more.

What are the benefits of Act CRM Custom Tables?

Instead of digging through disparate spreadsheets or other systems for answers, all your important data is in Act, allowing you to:

  • Search and filter through data to view insurance policies, product sales, mortgage totals, or project deadlines and more
  • Track product or service status with every sales opportunity
  • Increase sales revenue with proactive follow-ups
  • Maximise individual performance with the ability to view data from one central system

How do I get started with Act Custom Tables?

Act Custom Tables are available to active Act Premium Plus subscribers. If you’re on an older version of Act, speak to your account manager about upgrading. For new users, it’s simply a matter of buying your subscription licences.

In addition to the Custom Table functionality, Act subscription offers instant access to future releases and product and compatibility updates, as well as technical support included at no extra charge throughout your subscription period. With real-time access to your data from your tablet or smartphone, you can work anywhere at anytime while on the go. Explore top 7 benefits of Act subscription >>>

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