SalesLogix v8 Unveiled

The new release of SalesLogix has been unveiled and is due for release in November. SalesLogix v8 responds to changing customer behaviour by incorporating out-of-the-box twitter functionality which enables businesses to proactively respond to customers in real-time, allowing for improved service levels.

The new SalesLogix release is set to propel SalesLogix into 2013 with Twitter integration and improved mobile enablement, empowering users to react quickly to changing customer needs and demands, to create a significant competitive advantage.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of Xperience Group, commented on the Sage SalesLogix v8 launch, stating “Maintaining customer relations should be at the heart of everything a business does. Finding the right CRM software is often the key to preserving these relationships, and the latest release of SalesLogix is well equipped to help any organisation do this, especially with Twitter integration enabling better understanding of customers’ needs.”

“The current economic climate has meant that competition is a lot fiercer than ever before. Customers are shopping around for a cheaper deal, and aren’t as loyal as before. Since the recession, it’s now very evident that a clear competitive edge is necessary in order for companies to succeed. The latest release from Sage – SalesLogix v8 – is well enabled to help businesses deliver higher quality of service, which could help maintain customer retention, whist also building a competitive advantage through improved customer service.”

The use of social media by businesses is rising and Sage have responded to this change in customer behaviour by incorporating out-of-the-box Twitter functionalitywithin SalesLogix v8.The inclusion of a Twitter client into SalesLogix v8 means users can view and proactively respond to customer dialogue  in real-time, facilitating increased service levels and understanding of customer needs.

The mobility developments in SalesLogix v8 also take measures to create a more efficient and responsive mobile workforce. Sage SalesLogix v8 is enabled for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices   providing the same capabilities found within the desktop client with the availability of sensitive data on mobile devices comes security concerns, however SalesLogix v8 the new update diminishes them this risk with Data Safe Guarding, an enhanced security feature that means both security and functionality are paralleled between mobile and desktop clients.