Xperience Dynamics Release NAVcontracts 2017 Update

Published: 5 April 2018

Xperience Dynamics, an Xperience Group business is delighted to announce the release of NAVcontracts 2017. The latest upgrade will include a wealth of added functionality and benefits for construction and contracting businesses.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, the latest upgrade to contracts365 will offer a number of new initiatives and improvements that will expand on current functionality, helping you to streamline processes and save time. Here we share with you what to expect in this version of the software to help you better manage your projects.

New Contract Card

Would it be easier if you could raise and access transactions directly from the Contract Card? Well now you can, the NAVcontracts 2017 update introduces a new and improved Contract Card which enables you to do just that. You now have the ability to access transactions including Applications, Certificates, Purchase Orders, Sub-Contractor Orders and Plant Orders.

Contract Sections

The latest upgrade introduces Contract Sections. Rather than showing a summary amount only, contracts can now be broken into more detail. This means that Quantity Surveyors and Contract Managers can raise Applications in detail and in a more meaningful format for customers. Information previously maintained in spreadsheets can now be recorded and managed within NAV!

Contract Application Scheduling

Helping to save time and provide better information, dates for raising Applications can now be scheduled against a contract. It’s now easier than ever for Contract Managers and Quantity Surveyor’s to monitor what applications they need to raise and when they should be certified.

Constructionline API Integration

To help improve accuracy of information, NAVcontracts 2017 now offers direct integration with Constructionline. This will allow you to access a sub-contractors record within the Constructionline portal and have immediate visibility of the sub-contractor status.

Sub-Contractor Qualifications

As well as managing sub-contractor insurance, the latest improvements allow for sub- contractor qualifications to be easily managed and monitored. Helping you to minimise risk, you’ll have clearer visibility of when qualifications need updated and renewed.

New Timesheet Module

In addition to full integration with Miracle Payroll, the new Timesheet Module can be easily integrated with other third party payroll systems. You also have the option to add approval processes if required.

Bringing you a wealth of new functionality and added benefits, the latest additions to contracts365 can help you to get more done in less time.

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