‘App’ timise Work Life: More Ways to be Productive

Published: 23 March 2017

Do you wish there were more hours in the day? Do you try and balance productivity with administration? Is your head spinning come 5pm?… By spring cleaning your work life you can unveil more ways to be productive, and create more hours in the working day!

Out with the old & in with the new

In January, we looked at how you can ensure IT best practice in 2017 with a list of top tech New Year’s resolutions. We think it’s time to level up and look at how you can be more productive… starting with a clear out, then getting ‘app’ to date with the latest technology.

Digital Spring Clean

Unwanted apps can reduce productivity, take up valuable storage space and leave your device cluttered. Start off your digital spring clean by deleting any unwanted or unused apps. Make sure you also update any apps to ensure you benefit from the latest versions functionality. If you’re unsure on where to start, Follow PC Advisor’s guide on how to permanently delete unwanted apps.

Unchain your desktop

A recent report highlighted that 56% of SME decision makers want to use apps more to help with their day-to-day working life. When you need information, you can usually guarantee that there will be an app to help. But what about your business applications? The good news is that you no longer have to be chained to your desktop to access your business emails, data or documents.

With Office 365, for example, you can access all of your applications from within one platform. And, as it’s powered by the Cloud you can access them anytime, anywhere, from any device. You can follow Microsoft’s guide to setting up Office apps on a mobile device here.

Spring into Security

Do you have a multitude of passwords for different accounts? You’ve also likely spent time resetting forgotten passwords, only to be faced with the error message “Old password cannot be the same as New Password”…frustrating! We recommend not using the same password for everything. If you do, you are asking for trouble as you risk exposing your data and information to hackers.

Top Tip: This Spring, consider using an app like 1 Password, which connects all your passwords and credit card information in one safe place. You will never have to remember another password again!

Xperience’s Top Ten Apps to ‘App’-timise Working Life

With the power of mobile, there are now more ways to be productive both inside and outside the office. These apps will enable you to access documents, make business calls and book business travel on the move. They’ll be sure to put a ‘spring in your step’!

  1. One Drive
  2. 1 Password
  3. One Note
  4. Wunderlist
  5. Skype For business
  6. Amazon Alexa
  7. Flight Radar 24
  8. Deliveroo
  9. Spotify
  10. Hotel Tonight

Have we missed something? Can you think of more ways to be productive? Do you have a top tip for digital cleaning? Tweet Us @XperienceGroup and let us know…

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