Managing Risk In Business

Managing risk in business is top of the agenda for senior managers. Research by The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has highlighted ‘tech risks’ as being high priority among senior managers’ business concerns. With the majority of business risks being digital/ cyber related- this comes as no surprise.

Are you at a loss on how to combat these risks? Fear no more… we’ve compiled a guide which outlines quick wins on how IT can be leveraged to manage business risk:

Back It Up

Consider the amount of sensitive information your systems hold. If your data was lost or stolen, what would the implications be? If you don’t already take back-ups off site, you may want to consider creating a back-up plan. At a minimum, contemplate backing up to an external hard drive or USB and storing it off site. Typically, the rule of thumb is to have your data stored in three place and ideally be taking steps towards Cloud back-ups.

Embrace Cloud

Cloud may not always be the cheaper option, but it is the more secure option! Cloud can provide you with unrivalled security defences along with the latest technology. Staying up to date with the latest security services can be time consuming and expensive. Cloud is evergreen, meaning you benefit from the latest security updates as and when they happen. Still not convinced? For more reasons to choose Cloud click here.

Safe Guard Systems

If you have done your homework on security products and services, you will have noticed they are in abundance. Each serve different purposes, and come with different price tags too. If you’re at a loss as to where to begin, we recommend that you invest in anti-virus, anti-spam and off site filtering as a starting point. These products will reduce the risk of malicious emails getting through to your users, and reduce the risk of a security breach. After all, can you really put a price tag on your valuable business data?

Up-Skill Staff

Regardless of how many of the above defences you choose to implement, without an educated workforce, they may as well not exist. While your staff are your biggest asset, they can also be the biggest risk.  2017 will only see digital threats increase, which is why training and educating staff on what to look out for will be vital. We explain more about this in our recent blog.

Where Do I start?

Managing risk in business can be tough. But before diving head first into devising a risk-averse security strategy, start by reviewing the current health of your IT, and take it from there.

Not sure where to start?  Click here to claim a free IT Health Check.

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