Management Reporting – how much is it costing your business?

Published: 21 September 2021

Management reports equate to Business Intelligence. They provide the financial and operational information that organisational leaders need to make the appropriate decisions to better their business.  

From identifying your most profitable customer accounts and product lines to sales forecasting and resource planning; management reports are critical in driving an organisation’s decision making. So why are businesses spending 10 – 14 days every month manually gathering report data to create inaccurate and out-of-date reports? 

Business Insights at your fingertips 

Introducing an ERP system, like Microsoft 365 Business Central, typically falls under the Digital Transformation category. It impacts all aspects of the organisation, enhancing business processes through technology.  

It’s estimated that introducing an ERP system, like Business Central, could not only save an organisation 23% on operational costs and 22% on administration costs but it would also eliminate the leading cause of reporting errors – human error. 

When organisations talk about digital transformation, they typically talk about projects like data migration, systems integration, and process automation. They focus on the technology driven outcomes that save money on time and resources, but how do we place a value on the data quality that digital transformation brings?  

Make data your differentiator 

“Data is the rocket-fuel in good decision-making” PWC 

By implementing an ERP system across your business, you are ultimately creating a unified system for reporting. That means not only do you have improved visibility but you have improved accuracy. By creating a single source of truth – say goodbye to multiple spreadsheet and emails – you can easily and readily generate reports and analytics at any time.  

Clean, up to date and connected data facilitates; 

  • Robust forecasting 
  • Identification of buyer trends 
  • Supply Chain Optimisation 
  • Efficient Resource Scheduling 

This year Forbes states that ERP should be every organisations New Year resolution. Are you read to shift the focus from reporting on historical inaccurate data to reporting on accurate in the moment insights and future proofed forecasting?  

To find out more about how you can implement Microsoft 365 Business Central, quickly, easily and effectively into your organization why not speak to a member of our expert team 

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