Cloud ERP Systems: What are the benefits to your business? 

Published: 26 July 2022

Firstly, what is Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP is a process that integrates and manages important parts of the business. It automates financial and operational functions. It provides a sole source of data for inventory, supply chain management and distribution among many other functions. 

Cloud ERP does all the above and does it on a cloud platform. This means that not only is all the necessary data in one place, but it can be accessed anywhere. Because it’s hosted by us, you’ll skip downsides like the upkeep of hardware on site and upfront licensing fees. 

What are the benefits of Cloud ERP? 

Operating costs are lower 

As mentioned above Cloud ERP will cost less initially to begin. You don’t have those initial set up costs of hardware installation. There are also savings from not running and maintaining servers onsite. It also costs less to scale up or down depending on your needs. Cloud ERP is also usually subscription based so payment is spread over time. 

Increased Security

There is still some scepticism about the security of cloud. But that is without merit. Cloud has many benefits regarding security. If you’re not hosting the cloud servers on premises, it means someone else has the sole responsibility of managing the systems. They will ensure that the software is updated, that your data is backed up and provide malware protection at minimum. Keeping up to date with current technology is vital to maintaining security. Cloud is that current technology. 

Faster updates

All software requires occasional updates. Onsite, this can be resource draining for an IT team. System updates are delivered from the vendors servers. This means taking stress off your IT departments. Updates like security patches are carried out in the background without disruption to daily processes. 


In 2022 a lot of us are moving to or have moved to remote and hybrid working. Cloud ERP gives you the flexibility to work form anywhere. That may be home, the office, at the warehouse or with a client. You can also access your information on any mobile device, meaning you don’t need to carry a laptop with you in external meeting. 

Employee Collaboration and Increased Visibility

With Cloud ERP you have access to real time analytics allowing you to make in the moment decisions. Not only that, but you also have the tools for interdepartmental collaboration on hand. ERP provides information that allows you to streamline processes. It allows you to eliminate waste and share data across your business. 

How can Xperience help? 

We are leading experts in Cloud ERP with solutions to suit all your needs. Moving to Cloud ERP means your business can continue to innovate and optimise at every stage of your processes. We can help you do that.  

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