Do you keep complex data separate from Act!?

*This product no longer exists. To avail of custom tables functionality, Act Premium needs to be purchased with an add-on.*

The new Act Premium Plus works the way you do, offering you maximum adaptability so you can bring complex data sets, unique business processes and specialised industry practices together in Act.

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Choose your deployment

On Premise or Web

Manage contacts, sales and activities in real-time via a web browser or install locally on your server.

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In the Cloud

The power of Act as a cloud service, without the overhead of managing an on-premise environment.

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On Mobile

Access key Contact, Opportunity, and Calendar details from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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Act Custom Tables Manager

Act Custom Tables Manager allows you to manage more entities than the regular Act Premium application has to offer, including :

  • Cases
  • Contracts
  • Property
  • Software licences
  • Vehicles, hardware and applications

You can associate those entries to contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities as well as action the data by sending emails, creating activities, to-dos and more.

7 Reasons to Subscribe
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Unsure Which Version of Act is Right for You?

Reasons to Choose Act Premium Plus


With a recurring annual subscription or purchased with perpetual licensing, Act Premium Plus is affordable, offering both 12 and 24 month plans.


If you keep data outside your CRM, you can now bring it into Act and associate it with contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities as well as create activities, to-do's and more.

Subscription benefits

With support and access to the latest features and service packs included in the price, you will always be on the latest version and reduce burden on your IT department.

Unlimited users

With no licence limitations the ability to support from 5 to 100+ users, Act Premium Plus is perfect for a growing business.

Flexible Deployment

Act! Premium Plus allows you to choose the deployment model that's right for your business – choose between on-premise or a cloud solution, with mobile access.

Enhanced compatibility

Now 64-bit compatible, Act Premium works with popular Microsoft platforms, Office 365 and Exchange for contact and calendar sync.

Integrations with business tools and apps

Act Connect enables easy integration with popular business apps, such as PayPal, Survey Monkey and Eventbrite, to streamline operations.

Outlook synchronisation

Record emails, create and schedule new activities within Outlook and include images in your communications, whether you’re using new or existing templates.

Success Story
Rathmore Financial
On a more simplistic level, if a client phoned in now and said, "Can I see an adviser tomorrow?" I can see which advisers are available, prepare briefing notes, and initiate an immediate asset valuation; almost before the client has put the phone down. This helps us improve our customer service as all the information we need is now in one place, saving time and improving productivity. It’s not about individuals anymore, it is now about operating as a whole company.”
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