Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Consider ERP

Published: 8 February 2013

The start of a new year brings predictions about the future of business ERP software and best practices for success. This year, several industry experts have predicted the rise of small businesses implementing ERP software, a business solution once only accessible to larger businesses.

Iain O’Kane, Managing Director of  Xperience, commented on the New Year predictions, stating “In the past, ERP was only considered by larger organsiations due to the cost of implementation. However, with advances in technology more cost-effective, scalable ERP solutions make ERP accessible to the smaller business too.”

So, what are the benefits of introducing an ERP solution to your business?

1. Greater Flexibility

According to Sage’s ERP blog, smaller businesses adopt ERP in order to become more flexible, allowing users to adapt quickly to changing situations through greater visibility of information.

2. Scalability

As ERP is becoming more accessible ERP can bridge the gap between from accounts package to full scale ERP. Many ERP solutions are completely scalable and modular allowing for easy growth opportunities. With a modular ERP package the needs of the small business are not overshadowed; the ERP solution adapts as the business changes and can be built upon when needed.

3. Productivity

ERP solutions are great at promoting a productive atmosphere. With multiple departments utilising a single system the need for disparate systems to serve different needs is diminished. As a result inter-departmental communications and information sharing is accelerated enabling users to work more efficiently and effectively.

4. Business Insight

Small businesses can gain greater insight with an ERP solution, through improved analytics and in-depth reporting tools. By integrating multiple departments, business decisions can be made in the context of the whole organisation for greater transparency enabling managers to easily identify business opportunities and trends.

5. Customer Service Levels

ERP Software provides the means for enhanced customer service, with full visibility of customer history available to all users enabling rapid responses to customer queries.

Find out more about available ERP solutions, here.

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