Start-up Dyaco UK invest in Sage 200 to meet stock management needs & accelerate growth

Key Contact(s): Sarah Hitchcock - Managing Director
Partner(s): Microsoft

Dyaco UK was founded in 2018 as a start-up company to buy and sell gym equipment. They already had backing from their Taipei based parent company, so expected quick growth and needed a solution that would be able to scale as quickly as they would.

As a new company handling large levels of warehouse stock, Dyaco UK needed a robust ERP system that could manage finances and handle stock control efficiently.

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Dyaco UK initially engaged with Xperience, as the newly appointed Managing Director, Sarah Hitchcock, had previously worked with Xperience whilst in a different role.

Xperience already supported Dyaco’s Microsoft 365 and hardware solutions, so being able to phone up and use just one company for our support needs would be a huge bonus.”  – Sarah Hitchcock, Managing Director, Dyaco UK.

Sage 200 ERP has given Dyaco UK the functionality to have complete visibility of stock levels and integrate their management accounting.

The Challenge

Being a start-up company, Dyaco UK did not yet have a robust ERP system in place. They were using Sage 1, but quickly needed to scale and utilise the functionality of a larger system, predominantly for stock control and purchasing.

The warehouse housed a lot of high value stock which needed to be tracked via serial numbers. The current Sage 1 solution could not handle their stock management and purchasing requirements sufficiently. This was a huge driver for change for Dyaco UK.

Dyaco UK had to duplicate data from Sage 1 to process orders which was slowing down employees – making this process very inefficient.

Dyaco UK are situated in a managed office, which does not provide a large space available to accommodate a large server room.

The Solution

Xperience worked with Dyaco UK to upgrade the current Sage 1 system to 5 user Sage 200 ERP Financials & Commercials solution, hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Xperience recognised and understood that the stock control and management needs were paramount, so enabled the serial tracing functionality within Sage 200, so that Dyaco UK had full visibility of all their stock and inventory.

Xperience discovered that Dyaco UK were duplicating data input so Xperience worked closely with Dyaco UK to create custom Microsoft Excel reports, which enabled the accounts department to extract and present data to their specific requirements.

Dyaco UK needed the new system to be able to work alongside Microsoft 365, in particular Outlook, as they had a requirement to be able to send out invoices and despatch notes via email. Xperience set up Sage 200 ERP to enable this function to work seamlessly.

As Dyaco UK were situated in a managed office, there was not a large space available to accommodate a Server room. Sage 200 in Azure was selected as it enabled them to host their Sage 200 system in the cloud, with no other hardware requirements, other than the end user machines.


Managing Director, Sarah, was keen to have one company handle all of their IT support requirements. She was familiar with Sage 200 and after a full scoping exercise of Dyaco UK’s requirements, carried out by Xperience, it was decided that Sage 200 was the ideal solution.

Dyaco UK now have full management and control of their inventory. The serial tracing functionality within Sage 200 has allowed them to have a complete audit trail of their high value goods, including warranty details.

The custom Excel reports that Xperience created for Dyaco UK has resulted in a more efficient and streamlined process. This is a huge time saving benefit for Dyaco UK’s accounting department.

Sage 200 hosted in Azure provides a solution whereby Sage can be accessed remotely. This was the ideal solution to mitigate the need for an on-premise server.

Xperience provided ongoing training and support to ensure that the new system was utilised correctly and to help Dyaco UK get the most out of their new system. Dyaco UK have an ongoing Sage services and support contract with Xperience – accessing support when they need it.

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