APR Telecoms

Client(s): APR Telecoms
Key Contact(s): Michael Leeds
"The information available is brilliant. It allowed us to understand the volume and type of support calls better than we did historically! With better visibility we are able to make better informed decisions about our products and services, in line with customer needs!"

An overdue update

Business communications specialists, APR Telecoms have established an excellent reputation for high levels of customer service and quality of work. To take its customer service levels to the next level, the company turned to Xperience for a Microsoft 365 upgrade to streamline and automate its business processes whilst empowering employees to deliver timely service.

Michael Leeds, Operations Manager at APR Telecoms, explains the company’s journey “We already had Dynamics 365 in place, however failed to fully leverage its full potential. We needed to automate our processes and track customer relationships through every stage to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. Over a year ago, we decided to upgrade to a newer version to utilise the new features and revamp our processes.”

Finding a solution provider that checks every box

“We spoke to three different companies. Ultimately, the reasons for choosing Xperience were two-fold. Number one, the professionalism we experienced. Number two, the reference sites I spoke to gave very good reports on both Dynamics 365 and the services provided by Xperience.”

“Xperience had a great understanding of the inner workings of the software and took the time to listen to what we needed and understand our business. The upgrade was very professional, efficient and well-organised. We were able to test the system prior to going live to ensure everything was running smoothly for us.”

“The training provided focused on the areas of the system we use the most. Carl, who carried out the training, was able to adapt his delivery to make sure everyone had a good understanding of how the system works.”


Productivity boost with next-generation CRM software

“A year on we’ve seen an improvement in the way the information is accessed. It is much easier to record and find data which has brought considerable time savings, enabling us to deliver more efficient customer service, something we struggled with before. Ultimately we can easily access the information we need to provide the customer with improved service levels and quickly offer them the best solutions to rectify a fault.”

“Another area where we’ve seen phenomenal improvements in reporting. The information available is brilliant. It allowed us to understand the volume and type of support call better than we did historically! With better visibility we are able to make better-informed decisions about our products and services, in line with customer needs! I’m able to produce my bi-monthly reports very quickly and present accurate information to discuss during our management meetings.

APR Telecoms has also reaped the benefits of workflow automation to save time and enhance customer service. Micheale explained,  “We have used workflows to automate the quotation process which has streamlined the way our service department allocates pricing to jobs. When the customer proceeds with a quotation for a case or a job, this is automatically sent to the engineer via email. He then can easily access the job information from a tablet when on-site and using signature capture the customer can confirm the job. And, because this is integrated with our CRM, all documentation is accessible from the customer record. This has made us more efficient – with computerised processes we have saved time spent manually processing endless paperwork.”

“In principle Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives us all of the functionality we need to manage our business today, but also for the years ahead, it gives us a core platform to build upon. We know we have barely scratched the surface of what Microsoft 365 is really capable of doing. We are in the process of re-designing our website and once this is done we’ll integrate it with our CRM system to target specific customers. We know getting the data out of Dynamics is quite easy – so soon we can start creating targeted campaigns to entice prospects.”

“As for Xperience, it’s been a real partnership. We wanted the benefit of their expertise, to guide us and tell us the best way to do things, and that is exactly what they provided us with.”

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