So you’ve recently made an investment in an Act Subscription – how do you make sure you get maximum ‘bang for your buck’?

Act Premium Subscription has replaced the capital outlay of buying software licenses up-front with flexible payments options, making it more affordable. Nevertheless, Act Subscription isn’t just how you pay for it – here we explain the real value of your investment….


Although perpetual licences gave you the right to use Act indefinitely, their shorter lifecycle meant they become obsolete within a few years. To remain compatible and avoid security risks associated with using software beyond its operational life, upgrade was the only option.

Act compatibility




With your subscription you’ll automatically receive future releases, product and compatibility updates as they’re developed, which ensures you will have now no compatibility issues again!

Integrations with popular business apps

Act! Connect is a brand new feature which wasn’t available in the previous versions of Act. It allows you to connect with hundreds of popular apps you know and love i.e. Outlook, PayPal, Shopify and Eventbrite, to enrich your data, automating your work and enhancing productivity.


With Act v17 or earlier you could take advantage of Act Premium for Mobile which allowed access to your key Contact, Opportunity, and Calendar details via a web browser.

 Act Companion








Act Premium Subscription includes Act Companion, a native mobile app allowing you to manage all your Contacts, Notes, Emails and Calendar entries from your mobile device. With intelligent notifications, you can receive alerts of upcoming activities and new contacts to stay on task and on time. Find out more about Act! Mobile Access here >>>

Integrated email marketing

Act E-Marketing has evolved over the years from a basic email marketing platform to a sophisticated tool allowing you to design and send impactful email campaigns.

With your Act Subscription you can intelligently analyse results so you can get the right message, to the right people at the right time.


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Act Premium Subscription

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