Kugo Repara

Client(s): Kugo Repara
Key Contact(s): Asun Liaño
"With Act we have greater control over our processes, facilitating transparency and job profitability. During the project, we can schedule activities such as visits and calls, ensuring we don’t miss a thing!"

The impact of compatibility issues on business performance

Established in 1993 and based in Spain, Kugo is a leading distributor of machine equipment for the European packaging industry. The company experienced compatibility issues that came with using a legacy version of Act, impacting on day-to-day operations and employee productivity. Consequently, the software couldn’t support their business processes, affecting sales and profitability.

Asun Liaño at Kugo Repara commented, “We stuck with the old version of Act because it was working well and we didn’t have any problems. However, it was incompatible with other programmes and we missed out on a number of enhancements that were available with later versions of the software. I realised it couldn’t effectively support our business processes, impacting on productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Xperience worked with the company to carry out a remote upgrade. Sara Lenox, Account Manager at Xperience commented, “Running legacy systems is dangerous not only because of incompatibility, but also because once vendors discontinue support for their products, the software may be subject to vulnerabilities which hackers are quick to exploit. We were happy to assist Kugo Repara with the upgrade to help them stay safe to grow their business.”

Act Sales Enablement Tools Boost Kugo’s Profitability

Following an upgrade, Kugo Repara improved efficiency and communication by allowing sales representatives to organise their time and activities better. With Act they can easily record customer information so they are always in the know.

Asun commented, “With each sales project, there are many phone calls and site visits involved, with a plethora of valuable information that needs to be recorded. Some projects are small and only take a few weeks to complete, whilst some take six or seven months, but it is crucial for us to stay on top. With Act we have greater control over our processes, facilitating transparency and job profitability. During the project, we can schedule activities such as visits and calls, ensuring we don’t miss a thing!

Easy-To-Use CRM That Helps To Stay Organised

With Act, Kugo Repara can streamline workflows, save time and maintain a complete record of all customer interactions. Email integration allows them to see past interactions, including Activities and History items.

Asun added, “Act allows us to link e-mails to the specific contacts. This is very handy for our sales representatives as they can view customer, contact and sales related information in one place.”

Act opens the door to a bright business future for Kugo Repara

Kugo Repara now has the powerful CRM tool offering a much more organised approach to communication, with clients being contacted at the right time and in the right way. Asun commented, “With information at our fingertips, a calendar with who and when we’re supposed to call and a history of conversations, Act has become our bible when it comes to monitoring and managing accounts,  which means we can focus more time and effort on the future.”

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