What Do I Need To Know About Sage?

What is Sage Software? Who owns Sage? How does Sage cloud work? As a nationwide Sage supplier and Strategic Business Partner we get asked all the time about the inner workings of Sage. In this blog post we answer all your questions and explain what we do here at Xperience.

What is Sage?

According to the Financial Times, Sage is the UK’s second largest technology company providing accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource (HR), payroll and payment solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The company is constantly growing, aiming to help new and existing businesses to succeed and grow in the UK and internationally. As a part of this campaign, Sage appointed Peter Jones, Dragon’s Den star and one of the UK’s most recognisable entrepreneurs, as its new Ambition Ambassador in April 2018.

Who owns Sage software?

Sage began as a start-up in 1981 in Newcastle, with the founder, David Goldman, wanting to automate accounting processes in his own business. Through acquisitions, including a leading desktop accounting software, Peachtree, the company has grown to 13,000 employees, serving over three million customers in 23 countries across the globe.

The current board of directors has recently changed with Stephen Kelly stepping down as a director and CEO and Steve Hare appointed as a new CEO on 2nd November.

What does Sage accounting software do?

From small business solutions to enterprise management tools, Sage accounting software will help you easily create reports, view your finances, process VAT, control cash flow and international payments, while staying up to date with the latest financial legislation, including Making Tax Digital.

How does Sage cloud work?

In 2017, Sage launched Sage Business Cloud, offering a powerful set of cloud connected applications for businesses of all sizes, from accounting and advanced financial management to industry specific enterprise management software (ERP).

Sage cloud technology offers real-time access to finances, allowing teams to collaborate regardless of your location. Data is automatically backed up, removing the worry of losing important information.

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Is Sage an ERP system?

Sage is not only an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), but also offers a range of smaller single user solutions for manging accounting, HR, Payroll and more. Sage ERP systems allow businesses to manage everything from accounting and finance through to inventory management, manufacturing, sales and marketing and are designed for organisations with more complex processes.

How do I get Sage software?

Most of the Sage products are available on subscription. You can choose to buy your software outright or opt for a manageable monthly payment with software licences, upgrades and support included.

Moreover, Sage Partners, such as Xperience Group, offer consultancy services, implementation, training and support to ensure the chosen solution fits your business needs.

Why use a Sage Business Partner such as Xperience?

Working with Sage for well over a decade, Xperience  has achieved a Sage Strategic Partner and Authorised Developer status, which means the company is well placed to implement and develop Sage software solutions

With a fully accredited team of technical experts, Xperience provides first-class service for Sage 50 and Sage 200 solutions, striving to consistently deliver above service level agreements, aiming to achieve total satisfaction for all their customers – from project planning right through to aftercare support.