Sage 50 HR

With Sage 50 HR you can easily track employees' personal details, holiday records, absences, working patterns, skills, performance and training.

Sage 50 HR

With Sage 50 HR you can easily track employees' personal details, holiday records, absences, working patterns, skills, performance and training.

Your Easy to Use HR Software

Sage 50 HR replaces outdated methods like spreadsheets and paper files with a modern online HR application that can help you easily manage employee records, review and authorise holiday requests and track and tackle absences.

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Save Time And Work Smarter With Sage 50 HR

Sage 50 HR is ideal if you want to:

  • Computerise HR data for easy access to accurate information
  • Record all employee information to comply with legislation
  • Manage employee performance, appraisals, skills and qualifications
  • Record the details and evidence of disciplinary action
  • Manage your business by identifying skill levels and requirements
  • Monitor costs and attendance rates for training courses
  • Keep track of employee working patterns

Reasons to Choose Sage 50 HR

Save time and increase business efficiency

Record holidays in hours as well as days to maintain accurate employee absence details. Automatically calculate leave and manage resources to keep your business running smoothly.

Develop, motivate and retain engaged employees

Manage employees’ qualifications, monitor development with the appraisals feature, and quickly document behaviour and performance.

Stay compliant

Did you know you’re legally required to keep and provide certain information about your people? With Sage 50 HR you can safely keep employee sensitive information permissions and comprehensive password protection.

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Integrate with Sage 50 Payroll to ensure consistency and accuracy of information across the system, as well as share working patterns, absence and holiday details for accurate payroll calculations.

Get insightful reporting

With Sage 50 Payroll integration you can bring together employee and payroll data to analyse pay to performance rates.

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Download the Sage 50 HR Brochure and discover how Sage 50 provides a comprehensive, yet user-friendly solution for managing people and optimising resources.

Discover how Xperience is driving digital transformation with ERP software

We’ve been implementing Sage 50 solutions since 2001 and are a recognised Sage Platinum Partner. All of our consultants have in-depth product knowledge as well as accounting experience, making them well placed to help you with your Sage 50cloud needs. We’ve helped businesses:

  • Digitalise HR processes to comply with current legislative demands
  • Keep employee data secure
  • Manage employee experience, skills and growth
  • Simplify attendance and holiday management for better resource planning

Sage 50 Testimonials

“I use Sage for absolutely everything. For instance, stock is allocated and issued against jobs, instantly updating our Sage 50 Accounts. Invoices can be raised for all or parts of jobs, and then posted automatically to Sage using the stock that I’ve just booked in.”

Vanessa Mason

Train Door Solutions

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“Sage 50 and the cloud were actually brand new to us. We have used spreadsheets in the past, but felt that moving to the cloud could provide a more secure and future-proof option for the company to grow. Furthermore, our staff are always out and about delivering various events and training programmes, so accessibility was very important.”

Loan Market Association

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