Xperience Group’s Cloud Platform Passes ISO 27001:2013 Re-Certification

Published: 22 March 2019

Xperience Group’s renown cloud division, The Cloud Simplified has successfully completed their ISO 27001:2013 re-certification, demonstrating the continued efforts to ensure they meet the highest of standards when it comes to the management of data security & protection.

ISO 27001:2013, also commonly known as ISO 27001 is according to ISO, the globally recognised best practice framework for an ISMS. Standing for Information Security Management System, an ISMS is a standardised approach consisting of people, technology and procedures that aids in the regulation, management and protection of an organisation’s data.

In re-certifying this internationally recognised accreditation, the company demonstrates how it has the people, policies, controls and systems put in place in order to identify and address the opportunities and threats concerning the invaluable data kept in their world class data centres in London and Belfast. Furthermore, several of the ISO 27001 requirements also fulfil those of GDPR compliance and give much greater information assurance overall.

The ISO 27001 re-certification supports the company’s strategic plans for growth and forms an integral part of ensuring that the security efforts are programmed and executed appropriately and cost-effectively. Moreover, Xperience has undergone this process to ensure that it is ready to face the challenges ahead and continue to provide its customers with clear, customer-friendly access to the company alongside secure procedures to keep their data safe.

With 54% cyber-related frauds last year and GDPR in the back of the mind, the company has risen to the challenge and ensured they have the procedures in place to keep information secure, thus maintaining its reputation as a trustworthy IT provider. Having demonstrated that Xperience has the necessary controls in place amongst looming cyber threats and data protection acts, they are in a commanding position to take the IT industry into the future.

Richard Kennedy, Director of Cloud Services and Infrastructure at Xperience Group, comments, “Since achieving our certification in 2016, we’ve strove to ensure that our policies, procedures and cloud platforms exceed industry standard security requirements, whilst ensuring that our customers are protected from the latest threats through continuous investment in the latest threat detection and mitigation technologies. Our ISO 27001:2013 certification underpins our commitment and dedication to the standard, so we’re delighted to have successfully passed our re-certification audit.

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