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We have a world class, industry leading cloud computing platform.

We provide a range of public and private cloud computing solutions from two high performance, high availability cloud computing platforms located in London and Belfast. We are technology led, with a history of innovation and a team of dedicated people who care about what we do. Our service delivery reflects this, constantly evolving driven by the desire to meet the challenges posed by our customers need’s and a desire to be recognised as the leader in our field.

Our Cloud Architecture Our Cloud Solutions

Enfield Datacentre , London

Our public cloud computing platform is located in a purpose built, state of the art datacentre designed and built to an enhanced Tier III specification in Enfield, London. The facility is served by resilient 8MW 11kV diverse feeds from the National Grid and the power and cooling infrastructure is designed to support mission critical deployments.

The site, located in North East London is perfectly positioned for synchronous data replication to inner London locations with circa 1 millisecond round trip latency. Access via public and private transport is quick and easy for staff and customers with a 28 min train journey time from London Liverpool Street to Southbury station and five minutes by car from Junction 25 on the M25. Since going live in March 2011, it has had a 100% uptime record with no recorded incidents.

Designed to deliver high quality customer solutions, the facility has nine data halls, all capable of being subdivided; allowing clients to have anything from a cabinet in a shared space, to their own suite or data hall with dedicated power and cooling. The site is highly secure, away from main roads and with 24/7 on site security, technical support and a monitoring centre to maintain VIRTUS’ 100% uptime record.

The public cloud platform is connected to a highly resilient 100Gb private IP network with access to 100 UK datacentres and 300 globally and by combining multi-homed IP transit with Tier 1 providers, a more robust network has been developed. The routes offered via this multi-homed service usually provides a quicker overall route for traffic, thereby reducing latency for server owners, their users and website visitors.

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Belfast Data Centre

Our private cloud computing solutions are located in the BT Northern Ireland Datacentre. The Datacentre is monitored and optimised to ensure the best possible environment. The overall air conditioning is provided by a number of 40KW air handling units. These up-flow units supply conditioned air into the rooms via vented ceilings. The return air is drawn from the room by these units at floor level.

Each zone in each room is serviced by an N+1 configuration of these units. The three halls have been designed in the same way to cater for heat loads of 650W/m2 maintaining environmental conditions of 22°C ± 2°C with a relative humidity of 50% ± 10%. There is a high sensitivity aspirating smoke detection system, meeting ‘2 metre wire burn’ standards, installed throughout the computing areas. The whole site is equipped with FFGD (Fire, Flood & Gas Detection) monitoring and alarm equipment.

The power and back-up at the BTNI e-Solutions Datacentre means that in case of emergency, there’s no real emergency. Telephone House, where the e-Solutions Datacentre is housed, has two of its own 6.6KV substations with a feed taken directly from the Northern Ireland Electricity grid. Power to the Datacentre is distributed via a 1000KVA transformer for which a spare is available, back-up is provided by an auto-start standby diesel generator with a capacity of 686KVA serviced by an N+1 configuration of these units.

An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), rated at 225KVA with a 15-minute battery reserve, provides the essential power during the period between the mains failing and the generators starting-up. These are tested regularly.

BT has the largest number of corporate firewalls in Europe, with a dedicated Command Centre to manage them. Hadrian, the generic name for all BT Security Facilities, connects to over 100 external networks with over 50 firewalls. It is the largest, most complex firewall installation of its kind in Europe, offering secure solutions to Internet and Intranet interconnectivity. The firewall administration team is supported via BT’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) which provides early sight of recent attacks and preparation for specific activity.

Our Network

We operate an Autonomous System 61419, a high performance, low latency, multi-homed BGP network which delivers exceptional levels of performance, reliability and best-in-class resilience. By operating our own BGP network, we can deploy more technically complex network solutions to end users who may already operate their own IP space or BGP network whilst allowing the network to scale quickly and reliably.

In order to guarantee service reliability and network resiliency, we employ multiple independent carriers who also operate their own fully resilient multi-homed networks, connected to several of the largest internet exchange points in Europe, including the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and the London Access Point (LONAP). In the event connectivity is lost to a primary provider, a secondary will take over instantaneously and with the latest in Cisco and IBM networking technologies at the heart of our infrastructure, traffic will always reach its destination via the optimal route.

During normal operations, our London cloud platform is connected to a highly resilient private IP network encompassing seven high value datacentres in and around London with access to several hundred more through strategic partnerships. This network features multiple high density Cisco ASR 9000 carrier-grade routers at the core and low-latency Cisco Nexus and Metro switches at the edge.

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“Security is better, too. We’ve installed quite a lot of new software which seems to be doing its job, making life a lot easier. And if I ever need support, I know I can call Xperience who will explain everything to me clearly, never technical jargon. Their engineers are friendly and helpful; there is a sense of duty and care which filters through from the top down.”
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