WEBEX: Sage 200 Excel Integration

Published: 12 May 2017

Do you manage your purchase orders and stock items in Excel? Are you wasting time manually re-keying data from Excel into Sage 200? Do you question the accuracy of your data entry? Sage 200 Excelerator* can save you time by eliminating the painstaking task of re-keying data from Excel spreadsheets into Sage.

Last month, we hosted a Sage 200 Excelerator WebEx explaining how this add-on can cut your data processing by 50%. After the overwhelming response, here we share the recording so you can see the value for yourself…

What is Excelerator?

Like many Sage users, you are using Excel alongside Sage 200 to manage sales invoices, purchase orders, stock items and much more. While this is workable, manual re-keying of data is extremely time consuming and significantly increases the risk of human error.

Excelerator is a powerful add-on allowing two-way integration between Excel and Sage 200. Created by Codis it will help you ditch the tedious and frustrating task of manual data entry, cutting processing costs by up to 50%.

How to link Sage 200 to Excel?

With the tool from Codis, the integration between Sage 200 and Excel is seamless,  fast and demands very little training, as every move is intuitive. You can work with the familiar environment of Excel, creating and editing nominal journals, invoices, purchase orders, stock items, customer data and much more.

When you’re finished, you can log in to Excelerator and send the information to Sage at a click of a button, ensuring data integrity.

The integration also allows to browse and search Sage for valid account codes or other data from within the relevant Excel cell. You can set up restrictions to ensure only authorised users can access and edit data.

Watch the WebEx to learn more about Sage Excelerator.

Sage 200 Excelerator Modules

There are 15 modules available within the Excelerator application. The most popular ones include:

Nominal Ledger Journals

Import your nominal ledger journals from Excel to Sage 200 with the ability to retrieve posted journals back to Excel for review, re-entry or to make corrections.

Sales & Purchase ledgers

Add multiple invoices from Excel into your Sage 200 and speed up entry to both the Sales and Purchase Ledgers. Retrieve un-posted Invoice batches to Excel for review or re-entry.

Purchase & Sales orders

Raise single or multiple sales and purchase orders for a number of suppliers from one sheet in Excel and import them to Sage 200 at a single click.

Stock management

Transfer multiple stock items from Excel into Sage 200 in one go. Easily amend your stock records in Excel and update your Sage database with full control and validation of data.

Other Sage 200 Excelerator modules include Cash Book Payments, Cash Book Receipts, Customers Journal Entry, Bill of Materials and Budget and Project Master.

The benefits of Sage Excelerator

According to Sage, 98% of its users rely on some form of spreadsheet on a daily basis. With Sage Excelerator you can:

  • Save time by eliminating the task of re-keying data into Sage
  • Update Sage directly from the familiar environment of Excel
  • Streamline data entry for greater accuracy and better informed decision-making
  • Maintain the financial rigour of Sage ensuring no invalid data is uploaded to Sage
  • Design and use your own Excel templates for upload to Sage

Contact us and find out how Sage Excelerator can help you cut your processing times by up to 50%.

*Excelerator supports Sage 200 2011 & above and 2007-2016 versions of Microsoft Office Excel. Excelerator is compatible with Office 365 on Desktop only.

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