The Evolution of Sage 200

Published: 20 January 2015

The highly anticipated Sage 200 2015 is due for release this year. The new edition is touted to be the most significant evolution of Sage 200 in almost ten years.

The highly anticipated NEW Sage 200 Accounts 2015 will launch this year. The theme for the release is ‘extraordinary customer experience’, and has been created in direct response to customer feedback, addressing difficulties highlighted by users. The new Sage 200 introduces a plethora of intelligent features and tools to facilitate productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

John Hinckley, Accounts Product Manager at Xperience Group said, “The Sage 200 2015 release will see the most significant facelift to the product since 2007, with some areas being completely re-written and as a result, it’s three times faster. Added to this, the software recognises users work patterns, and creates one-click options to frequently access areas on the homepage. This increases user adoption and saves each user valuable time, increasing workforce productivity.”

The most significant introduction to Sage 200 2015 are the new features for Project Accounting that permit “Work in Progress” postings, whereby users can align costs and revenues to find the true profitability of a project. The new Fixed Assets module is similarly welcome addition to Sage 200 2015, enabling users to effectively record assets and manage depreciation within Sage 200. Both of these introductions allow users to efficiently create, edit and report on accurate data. It is this data that aids the creation of drillable reports that enable business owners and managers to make better informed decisions based on real, up-to-date, and accurate data. This makes Sage 200 2015 the most efficient release yet.

To increase the flexibility of Sage 200 2015, users will benefit from Sage 200 CRM v7.3 along with access to LinkedIn for sales and MailChimp email marketing. Added to this, the Sage CRM mobile applications will increase remote access to data, giving businesses greater flexibility, while saving time and money.

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In other news: Sage have received final guidance from the HMRC on their changes to VAT – Prompt Payment Discounts Legislation (ESD).

The next step for Sage now is to estimate the impact that these changes have on the Sage 200 Suite. More information will be available shortly.

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