Selecting A Software Provider – Is CfMD Important?

Published: 27 March 2018

Do you often get approached by software providers, asking you to try their solutions? When it comes to deciding on software and third-party add-ons, do you have the time to do due diligence on each vendor?

Choosing a new software solution can be a complex process especially when it involves investing a significant amount of time and money. It’s understandable that you will want to select a partner who meets high quality standards and has a proven track record in meeting unique business needs like yours. Which is where Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) comes in…

Whether you are considering investing in Dynamics NAV for the first time or looking at add-ons for your existing solution, it is recommended that you narrow your search to a solution which is CfMD certified.

What Does It Mean To Be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics?

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) represents a significant step in the delivery of solutions which meet Microsoft’s highest standards, assuring your chosen systems work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics and meet your profitability goals.

The requirements to receive this distinction include passing rigorous VeriTest software solution testing for Microsoft Dynamics and demonstrating evidence of customer satisfaction for successful deployment. Ultimately, giving you the confidence that the software is proven, tested and recommended.

What Are the Benefits Of CfMD Solutions?

Microsoft have set the bar high by developing the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation. By setting a small pool of solutions apart from the rest, Microsoft gives you the confidence that the solution is:

Designed to meet your industry needs:

A CfMD solution must pass numerous tests to ensure that everything from development and user experience, right through to install and maintenance meet Microsoft requirements. This gives your organisation the confidence that all aspects of the solution meet your unique business and industry needs.

Used and recommended by companies like yours:

The criteria for CfMD outlines that the Microsoft Dynamics solution must have a minimum of ten customer reference sites – giving you the confidence it has been tried, tested and recommended by other organisations in your industry. You can also rest assured in the knowledge that the solution has been successfully deployed in your industry by a team of skilled consultants.

Tested and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Gaining CfMD involves a thorough technical evaluation, including extensive software tests which are independently administered to ensure adherence to Microsoft’s quality assurance standards. This gives you the peace of mind that your industry specific solution will work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Choose Quality, Choose CfMD:

CfMD makes it easy for you to narrow down software solutions based on quality and accreditation. With the due diligence already done by Microsoft, you have more time to spend on core business activities.

Xperience Dynamics and contracts365 are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics. For more reasons why you should choose us: Click here to watch our short video >>

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