Sage 200 2013 Launched Today

Published: 26 August 2013

Sage 200 v2013, launched today, takes the pain out of ERP deployment for small and mid-sized businesses. The new release of Sage 200 breaks the mould by making it easier for businesses to access ERP functionality in terms of both deployment options, accessibility and affordability.

For expanding businesses, budget is often a concern when it comes to purchasing ERP software. To overcome this common business issue, the 2013 version of Sage 200 gives users flexibility on payment terms, with different payment models and the ability to pick and choose modules required, so that the user only pays for what is used.

Another potential hindrance for businesses deploying ERP is the hardware required to support the software. With the option of Online or On premise deployment offered by Sage 200 v2013 the need for new hardware is removed, helping businesses to reduce the cost of an ERP implementation.

Growing businesses increasingly require the freedom to choose how, where and when they access business-critical information. Users who require intermittent use of the system for lightweight tasks can now access Sage elements of 200 using a web user license, making it simple to access critical information and make informed decisions when users are out of the office.

For businesses trying to grow in the current climate, Sage 200 v2013 is the ideal solution. The 2013 Sage 200 release makes ERP deployment simpler by providing users with the freedom of choice in terms of deployment, payment and accessibility.

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