FREE WebEx: Bring Your Data To Life With Power BI For Infor CRM

Published: 29 August 2017

On Wednesday 13th September, Xperience Group, will be hosting a WebEx* showcasing how Power BI can help simplify Infor CRM reporting, providing rich and easy to understand visuals, available on every device.

Although Infor CRM provides a wide range of sales, marketing and service reports, the pre-defined reports and lack of filtering options can be restrictive.  In this WebEx, Xperience Group will explain how Microsoft Power BI can support businesses with the right data to maximize sales, profits and customer loyalty. Attendees will see how the free Microsoft tool, Power BI**, can provide every user with a personalised view of their business metrics that matter most.

Date: Wednesday 13th September @ 3pm

Duration: 1 hour followed by Q&A

During the live broadcast, attendees will learn the applications of Power BI for Infor CRM data to enable a holistic view of the key metrics. The WebEx will demonstrate how Power BI can:

  • Save time by allowing you to create rich visualisations in minutes to make data-driven decisions about the future, based on past and present information such as accounts, revenue, lead and service
  • Provide insights into your sales pipeline, discover your most promising leads, and uncover your top opportunities
  • Help streamline support ticket resolution with the ability to view the volume, status, resolution rate and priority of incoming tickets at a glance
  • Help analyse the performance of individual account managers to maximise productivity and ensure targets are met

In this WebEx Xperience Group will show users how Power BI can provide an easy way to access and analyse information from Infor CRM and other sources, such as finance software, company Websites, Excel & more to make smart, informed decisions.

To register for the Power BI for Infor CRM WebEx, please contact us.

*For Xperience Group customers only
** Single User Free. There is a monthly charge for multiple users

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