Office 365 + Dynamics 365 = A Perfect Productivity Formula

Published: 13 June 2018

Did you know employees spend around 40% of their day switching between systems? That’s 16 hours per week! How much of your precious time is this eating up? Would productivity soar if everything you needed was under one roof?

Productivity is everything. But it’s not always easily achieved. Especially when technical barriers such as outdated tools and inefficient processes that stand in the way.

So, what’s the answer to this problem? Give your employees the technical resources they need! Sales people and customer service teams want to achieve more in less time so it’s important to provide them with tools to streamline repetitive tasks, qualify leads and aid multitasking. Good Tools + Productivity = Happy Employees and Greater Profits!

Bonus: By eliminating time-wasting tasks you can also increase overall job satisfaction, boosting staff retention – so it’s a win-win for everyone.

It takes two to tango: Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Integration

We understand that a complete technology overhaul isn’t realistic, and you need something that’s affordable, even on a small budget. So is there an obvious choice?

The answer is YES. Dynamics 365 can help you move away from traditional ERP and CRM silos. It goes beyond stand-alone business applications with connected solutions that drive process automation and employee productivity. Connected to Office 365, it becomes much more powerful…

Top 3 Office 365 Apps You Should Be Using With Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Outlook App

According to McKinsey&Company, employees spend 28% of their time checking and responding to email and a further 19% searching for and gathering information. This accounts for 18.8 hours per week, and means missed opportunities and lost revenues. Can you afford to waste this much of your precious time?

With the Outlook app, you can view Dynamics 365 information about all your email contacts, link an email to a Dynamics 365 record with one click, as well as create new tasks, appointments and phone calls – all this without leaving your inbox.

Power BI & Dynamics 365

Sales reporting can be a drag. When you’re on the road all day, the last thing you want to do when you get back home or to the hotel room is to start pulling pipeline reports. We can suggest a better way…

Part of Office 365 Suite, Power BI enables you to see your business in new ways using visual dashboards and interactive reports. These are available on any device, anytime and anywhere, and in a matter of seconds. All of the data is in real-time too, so gone are the days of spending endless hours creating manual reports!

Collaboration with SharePoint

As we said before, 19% of sales rep’s time is spent searching for content and information, and this is mostly due to it being stored across different repositories.

SharePoint provides a central repository for all CRM documents. You can easily manage versions, and restrict sensitive competitive information by leveraging Office 365’s security features, i.e. by disallowing information to be printed or shared beyond specific users.


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