Should New Software Be On Your Santa List?

Published: 20 November 2017

Christmas, the most wonderful (and also stressful) time of year. You’re gearing up for year end, getting your house in order AND not to mention, starting those key preparations for 2018. But more importantly, Santa’s annual visit is fast approaching…

We want to make sure that your business isn’t left disappointed on Christmas morning, so it’s time to put pen to paper and start thinking of what to put at the top of your list – to make sure it gets to the North Pole in time, of course.

New Year, New Software

Now is the time when many businesses start looking at their requirements and plans for 2018. Technology is evolving at light-year speed, new gadgets, devices, apps and software are being released daily, with many making it to the top Santa‘s List.

For your business, choosing the right software to invest in will be key to future success, so it’s important to differentiate between ‘nice to haves’ and ‘NEED to haves’.  So how do you know if you NEED to replace your business software this Christmas? Here are some things to consider…

Your Software Has Reached End of Life (EOL)

Probably the most obvious tell-tale sign that it’s time to make a new investment. When your software reaches EOL, it also means that support to your environment will be discontinued by the software vendor. This could be critical to your business, should anything go wrong. If you obtain software through a business partner, they typically support you past EOL, however it’s worth noting that security updates and patches won’t be applied meaning any new bugs and defects may be unresolved. Secondly, if your software is used in conjunction with other applications, you should be aware that as they are further developed, your software may become incompatible with them.

Your Software Isn’t Fuelling Your Strategy

Software should be intuitive, agile and insightful. It should provide you with meaningful data that drives decisions and ultimately, fuels your business strategy. Do you still use spreadsheets and word to record data and communicate to customers? Software that isn’t fit for purpose and that can’t provide a real-time picture of your business, will be more of a hindrance than an aid when it comes to making business decisions. Its 2017, we reckon even Santa is using the latest CRM to navigate his Sleigh and keep track of all those presents!

Manual Tasks Outweigh Automated Tasks

When it takes longer than the click of a button to produce a report or pin-point a piece of information, things definitely aren’t looking good.  And again, another tell-tale sign that manual tasks are eating up too much of your precious resource. In this digital era, your software should be completing 80%, with 20% staff input – not the other way round. Food for thought. (Mince Pies Mmm…)

Integration Is Impossible

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT). It’s in our homes, on our wrists, it’s everywhere. Your business should be no different. Does your software have the ability to integrate with the latest emerging technology? Will it be fit for purpose in 10 years? If integration isn’t possible now, how will your current software take your business forward? You may want to consider looking for a solution that offers integration and will grow as your business does.

The good news?

Santa’s coming soon, if any of the above resonates, make sure new software is on your list!!

Ho, Ho, Ho…

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