Dynamics 365 for Sales app

Choose the Sales business app if you are looking to…

  • Increase sales revenues
  • Improve customer retention
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Maximise individual performance
  • Exceed customer expectations
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Spend More Time Selling….

On average, sales people spend 67% of their time on non-selling activities. With Dynamics 365 for Sales you can streamline and automate processes to maximise productivity, giving your sales people more time to sell – imagine the impact that could have on your sales revenue.

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See the Bigger Picture

For your customers to experience a real difference it is important to embrace the complete Dynamics 365 Suite…

Stand Out From the Crowd

Prioritise Effectively

Dynamics 365 distils complex data down into easy to interpret insights helping you to decide which prospects are most likely to buy, which relationships are at risk and which solutions to recommend.

Sell Smart

Automate your sales processes so you can spend more time selling, increase revenue and reduce costs. The guided sales process will help you recognise what steps to take next to convert opportunities to sales faster.

Accelerate Success

Combine real time analytics and historical data for predictive insights that help you to achieve more. Set yourself goals and monitor results to ensure you hit your sales targets consistently.

Nurture Teams

Manage your sales team effectively with a mix of information and collaboration. Use analytics to measure performance KPIs and gamification to stimulate healthy competition.

Build Relationships

Do business the way your customers like to. Deliver a personalised customer experience and make value-add recommendations, responding to buying signals while respecting preferences.

Work Anywhere

Attend to your customers regardless of your location, for a seamless customer experience. No internet? No problem. With the Mobile App you can work offline and update when you regain connection.

Dynamics 365 and Office 365: Better Together

Dynamics 365 has been designed to work with Office 365 enabling you access to systems and tools from anywhere.

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