How Digital Transformation can help modernise your Legacy systems

Published: 23 September 2020

Despite being closely tied to technology, at its core digital transformation (DT) is about thoroughly transforming the way a business functions in order to strengthen it. This is why many organisations find themselves bound by the limitations of their legacy systems despite their best efforts to dip into innovative digital initiatives.

It comes as no surprise that legacy systems are holding back companies across all industries – after all, these systems are the foundations upon which businesses are built, tasked with data storage and processing. And relying on old systems for new insights and progressive decision-making is somewhat paradoxical.

In the context of digital transformation legacy systems are considered one of the biggest obstacles an organisation faces on its route to innovation. After all, you only need to look at the mobile phone industry or the pace of operating system upgrades to realise that keeping up with digital technology requires a holistic approach. Much like you wouldn’t try to run Windows XP on your shiny new laptop or use a flip phone to stay connected (unless we’re talking about Samsung’s latest gimmick), a legacy system can only go so far when it comes to meeting the needs of your growing business.

The issue is truly universal to all companies, regardless of their sphere. You can find outdated technology supporting daily operation across federal organisations, NGOs and a number of large commercial businesses. So why, in the face of digital transformation legacy systems remain central to so many establishments?

Over time, many organisations would have adapted their systems to perform a specific function crucial to their business operations, so they would be reluctant to go through the financial and logistical trouble of upgrading these systems, even if it is for the sake of adapting to the current digital landscape and harnessing the power of modern technology to strengthen and  improve efficiency and customer experience.

In fact, many companies still using legacy software will only be spurred into action by a critical failure, such as a security breach or a system crash. Unfortunately, aside from the obvious issues and limitations this approach poses, it also leaves businesses exposed to the financial losses associated with temporarily suspended operations and the customer outrage this could cause.

The benefits of digital transformation legacy systems are blocking from your company

Simply put, legacy systems are preventing your organisation from reaching its full potential by slowing processes down, creating silos between departments and putting business continuity at risk. Any way you look at it, the time to upgrade your outdated software is now. Here’s a few of the reasons why:

You’ll be saving money in the long run

It may seem counterintuitive, what with us associating upgrades with extra spend, but updating your legacy systems will actually be beneficial for your budget. In the grand scheme of things, you’ll be bleeding out more money keeping dated software running than you’d part with making the one-off payment required to modernise your systems.

In fact, if you are operating legacy systems, three-quarters of your IT budget is likely going towards maintaining these applications in running order. Not to mention the likelihood of experiencing technical issues with both security and performance. (Let us spell it out: it’s so high, it’s practically inevitable).

When you opt in for digital transformation legacy system budget will be freed up for better use, such as data insights, AI, innovation and embracing new business opportunities you didn’t have the capacity to explore previously.

You can develop your company’s potential

The digital transformation movement encompasses more than just optimised content creation. Modern technology enables us to analyse large quantities of real-time data and use the insights to improve the was we do business.

Leaving your legacy systems behind will not only help you cut down current spend – it will also enable you to generate more profit through improved customer service and innovation. Organisations across all sectors can benefit from powerful software which easily integrates with third party applications, effortlessly scales up alongside company growth and allows them to reach users anywhere, any time.

You’ll be able to offer customers a seamless experience

The reality of the digital era is simple – customers expect an effortless interaction with brands and if they’re not getting it from you, they’ll quickly find it elsewhere. In the world of digital transformation legacy systems are holding your organisation back from gaining a competitive advantage, while tech-forward start-ups are embracing the future of software and using it to adapt their customer experience to what users need.

Upgrading your legacy systems will revolutionise your customer engagement. Modern applications offer a range of capabilities which enable you to monitor customer feedback in real time and adapt your business strategy accordingly. What’s more, with the latest digital technology at your fingertips, you have the perfect opportunity to experiment with new platforms and design innovative solutions to expand your offering.


Upgrading is not easy, but through careful research and detailed planning, you can conduct a digital transformation legacy systems review of your organisation to identify which solutions can be left behind and which ones are worth modernising. We recommend a balanced approach which focuses on the less invasive improvements first and builds up to a thorough software update.

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