Our Business is your Business

We like to think we are a bit different to other solutions providers; we take the time to understand your business challenges and goals before we will recommend a solution. This way you will have a solution to fit your business instead of having to fit your business to a solution.

And, by helping you realise your business goals, we hope you will help us realise ours and spread the word about what we do – it’s mutually beneficial!

Success Stories Why Us?

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Without customers you haven’t got a business, so it’s important to make sure you look after them. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions will help you to do just that, driving business growth by increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

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Business Management Solutions

To drive your business forward it is important to have a solution that can manage your processes end-to-end. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions help you manage your entire business from a single system for increased insight, efficiency and business agility.

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Cloud Solutions

In a world where cyber-crime is on the rise, cloud computing can help you sleep easy – by nature The Cloud delivers superior resilience and security. We have our own datacentres, which means we do not offer ‘boxed’ solutions; we provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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Managed IT Services

In the digital era, IT is a fundamental to success. However, if IT isn’t your core business, maintaining your IT in-house can be costly. To take the pressure off your resource we offer a range of cost effective services to help you make the most of your investments.

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Why Work WIth Us?


We started out in 1969, so we are pretty well established. To stand the test of time we’ve had to adapt and evolve, so you can be assured we are well placed to help you do just that.

Customer Focused

We want to build lasting relationships because they are more valuable than transactions. This is good news for you because it means we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.


A failed project is bad for you and it’s bad for our reputation. We pride ourselves on being open and honest. If we don’t have a solution to help you achieve your goals we’ll tell you.


We have the skill sets to deliver complete business solutions. You’ll find many partners that deliver the individual components, but it’s rare to find one with all our capabilities under one roof.


We won’t pretend this is easy, introducing new systems and processes is disruptive. However, we are experienced and we will share our expertise to make the process as painless as possible.

Let Us Take Your Business to the Next Level

Explore how our services can support innovation in your business.

Success Story
APR Telecoms
“Another area where we’ve seen phenomenal improvements is reporting. The information available is brilliant. It allowed us to understand the volume and type of support calls better than we did historically! With better visibility we are able to make better informed decisions about our products and services, in line with customer needs! I’m able to produce my bi-monthly reports very quickly and present accurate information to discuss during our management meetings.”
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Explore our solutions

CRM Solution

Improve your sales figures, marketing responses and customer service levels with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

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ERP Solutions

Make smarter decisions with a single system to manage your entire business which provides you with one version of the truth.

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IT & Cloud

Take the strain off your IT resource without breaking the bank with our IT infrastructure and Cloud services.

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