Free Data Security Workshops: Keeping Data Behind Bars

Published: 7 February 2017

Xperience Group invite you to take part in a series of IT workshops at Crumlin Road Gaol on Wednesday 22nd of March at 9.30am.  During workshops, your IT strategy will receive full rehabilitation and upon successful completion, you will be eligible for release at 1pm.

Why attend?

As a business, data is your most valuable asset; it’s at the core of everything you do. Without accurate, accessible and secure data, your business simply wouldn’t survive. By attending this event, you will learn how to capitalise on your data for customer relationships, sales and productivity. You’ll also gain insights into security best practice and how to keep your data behind bars!

What’s Included?

Breakfast, refreshments, excellent content & an optional tour of the Gaol!

Date: Wednesday 22nd March 2017
Time: 09.30-13.00
Location: Crumlin Road Gaol
Special Guests: Cisco, Microsoft

Keynote: Security threats are growing and not having the right defences in place will leave your data exposed to risk. A risk you simply can’t afford to take in 2017. Our guest speaker from Cisco will educate delegates on the risks of cybercrime, as well as 2017 security best practice.

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What Will I Learn?

During your sentence (the event) you will have the opportunity to choose from and attend two of the following workshops:

Unchain your desktop

A productivity workshop covering:

  • The digital desktop, how you can access information  anytime, anywhere.
  • How to streamline your processes in 2017.
  • Top tips on how to modernise your communications.

IT Managers, Department Heads and Managing Directors should attend.

Perfectly executed relationships

A modern day CRM workshop which will help you to:

  • Understand the value of your customer data.
  • Realise the impact of disparate systems on your customer relationships.
  • Take away top tips on how to effectively manage customer relationships.

Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Managing Directors should attend.

Keeping your data under lock and key

A security information workshop educating you on:

  • The risks of cybercrime on modern day SMEs.
  • How to recognise spam emails.
  • How to educate your staff on security risks.
  • Signs your security is at risk.

IT Managers and Managing Directors should attend.

Fugitive Figures

Financials in the modern-day SME which will cover:

  • Digital Disruption and the future of your financials.
  • End of life products & the implications for SME’s.
  • Why financial systems shouldn’t exist in isolation.

Finance Managers, Directors and Managing Directors should attend.

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Prisoners (attendees) will also have the opportunity to tour the historic Crumlin Road Gaol once their sentence is up.

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